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Amanda T

by Amanda T., 22 year old muser from Down Under, Australia

Amanda T

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Will do! Thank you! ^.^
Thank you for the sweet comment and hype, Amanda! Hyped and fanned! Can't wait to see your posts! Welcome to Lookbook!♥
Amanda Tasya
hi Amanda T...
Tamara Gonzalez Perea
thank you so much for hyping dear :)) :*
Post smee looks :)
Peter Adrian
aww what a sweet compliment :]
Peter Adrian
well I am in love with your friend! no jk but i'm sure your friend is lovely.
Kassie L
Just starting my ext essay right now, beat that!
Can't I just, you know, draw a picture of my related and set texts on the exam paper and uhm like, hand it in?
I hate essays!
Kassie L
How will you ruin it? D:
What are you on about! You're heaps pretty xxxxxxx :3 You should so come along to one of our photoshoots! (But me and my group are pretty noob and usually never get around to organising things properly.. but still! Hahaha)
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