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Amy Valentine

by Amy V., 19 year old pokemon trainer from Reading, United Kingdom

Amy Valentine

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Denise V.
Fanned! <3
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Anette  V.
interesting style:)
Joyce Raciles
You're so cool! <3
NeeleInWonderland ...
Ohhhh ich hab dich gefunden ❤️ Bin schon auf KK so ein Riesen Fan
Silja  Eystberg
I love your hair and style so much <: xx
Michael Donaldson
i love ur style:)
Lotte B.
Your style is sooo stunning! And your hair is gorgeous!
Eunice C.
fanned! love your style
and especially ur hair :)
Nina Van Kraaij
Cool style! I love it! <3
Amit K
You are gorgeous ! Absolutely stunning happy I fanned
Love your style!
Michael Donaldson
ur hair is great i love ur pics can't wait to see more
Bryant Pablo
I really like your looks. Your hair color stands out and give more high-fashion to your looks. Keep on posting.
Ilse VanKraaij
You're freakin' pretty! :))
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