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Ashley Hildre

によって Ashley H., 23 歳 Model/Photographer/Blogger から British Indian Ocean Territory , United States

Ashley Hildre

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Leen Qart
love your looks! +Fanned!
Louise- Alice  J
You are sooo lucky to have all that Betsey Johnson stuff (and pull it off!), i bought 1 bag last year and it completely broke me !! :L:L
teehee i fanned XD
i love your looks they're gorgeous & unique, already fan-ed you c:
Camila Cover
My name is Camila. I’m a journalist from a Brazilian international fashion magazine named Catarina. Every issue we do some pages for REAL LOOK.
You can see more here http://www.revistacatarina.com.br/portal/edicao.php?idEdicao=30
Would you like to be on the magazine?
If yes, please let me know and send me a e-mail on this address:
Thank you
Bia Mejia
you're so cute <3
Mark S
love your everythings
Paula Dela Cruz
I'm a fan!!
Maegan Tintari
the colors in the photos with the balloon are UNREAL ..so fab.
Tietie Tietie
sweet color
Kimberly Leon
this makes me wanna buy a ballon,
& see if i float away!
this is marvelous dear.[:
Amy Elizabeth W
love love love this,so cute ,and the colours work so well.hype!
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