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Ava S

によって Ava S., 18 歳 student から United Kingdom

Ava S

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Lanxe Lobitaña.
Marry me and I'm your forever!
Jc Meow
thanks for the hypes :)
Evamaria K
I love your style, I fanned! ♥
Ebba Otilda Berg
adore your style! fanned ;)
Isabel Hpt.
GREAT style *__* Love it! FANNED!
Steven Brown
thanks for the hypes love
Jana Malderle
you're from earth! thats pretty cool ;)..and thank you ;)
Kristine G
ah, you are lovely <3
Justiina Stenroos
thanks for all the hypes ♥♥
Rebecca Elizabeth Photography& Styling
im lying here with the flu in my bed, hating the world, your comment has made me smile
thank you ava, xxxxx
Rachel F.
Oh my goodness you are so lovely, as is your style! Fanned <3
Milla Riikka Hellevi
awwh! you're being so lovely to me. what you write did really mean much to me. i am worthless. just, thank you so, so much ava!
Milla Riikka Hellevi
you are propably one of the most beautiful girls in earth and i just think you should know that. i wouldn't really say that if i wouldn't think so! i also wanted to ask about your name, ava, is that your real name? it's so freakin' beautiful!
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