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Barrio Dimitri

によって Barrio D., 21 歳 French Student and Fashion Blogger から Barbados, Barbados

Barrio Dimitri

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Morvarid Safetypin
Good styling..
Kadriye  Büyük
I love your look very sharp might i say.
Jeremih K
I'm in shock. I just can't believe what I'm hearing and believe your gone. I can still remember how I got to know you from Lookbook. You were the one who always gave me hope and made me try harder. And just yesterday we were talking about that we should have a videochat asap and how I'm gonna come to Barbados visit you next year. This shows how fragile human life is and it's breaking my heart, but I'm still gonna push myself harder to make my dream come true as you always told me to do. You were truly amazing man and a friend. I'll never forget you! Rest in peace Barrio Dimitri! Until we meet again buddy.. ♥
Jean Cardi Cacique
thanks again!;)
Jean Cardi Cacique
fanned... such great style man! :)
Piyao Si
Luv u'r style Boi!<3
Sorin Istrate
love ur looks! they're great!
Steve Simon
yeah, you should post a new look!!!:D
Jeremih K
Bro you really should post some new looks! ;)
Mirsad  Muminovic
thank you =)
thank you Mr Barrio :)
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