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Not Even
no the fair wasnt in brisneybane
its toowoomba
we drove up for it
it was fun
i patted ducklings lol

tonka trucks are pretty cool
i always used to have to drive my sister
dolls around in them
which bumed me out a littlebit
Not Even
you should come to fair
savannah, tom and myself would love to go again
i love fairy floss and dagwood dogs
they're the best bits of the fair
that and the clown games

yeah my sand pit is pretty A+ i made a little village
and then i made a turtle named wally he should still be out there
i had to sneak the hose out to wet the sand as so i could sculpt haha
Not Even
dunno hence why i asked you
i spent the day building and then playing in
my new sand pit

then i took my lil cuz and my twin sister
to the fair

you you you?
Not Even
bahh sir
news of the second?
Not Even
the swing
was beatiful
the see-saw is fun
but the park up the road
dosnt have one

we found and empty goon sack
blew it up and played volleyball

in a while crock-o-dial
Not Even
lol maybe i should sir
maybe i should you get me the name of one and im there

anyways im off to the park
with my mate to play on the swings
its better at night you dont have to fight
the under 10's for em lol

peace out bussel sprout
Not Even
that would be fun

mehh i do it because i know
somewhere along the track
when i pull my head out of the clouds
ill be able to help someone maybe

im not much of a space cadet to be in uni atm
Not Even
science based psychology
its shit

but hey what can ya do.. . .

i major in sex and paraphillas which is kinda fun
Not Even
bahh blog
its shit
bit you may get a giggle i guess
Not Even
lol as if the goldie has any surf
if i want a decent session
i have to treck upto the likes of currumbin or green mount

im doing nuro psychology
what do you wanna study skippa?
Not Even
lol i only read for uni
no i like to read now i think about it
just find myself reading
more for uni than anything else

goldie fun but a little rank
not that brissy is anything
to write home to nanna about
Not Even
lol i come from central queensland
but i call brissy home now

it was less than a meter
i more so sat next to it and read lol
my dog and teddy bear were there
so it wasnt to lonly haha
Not Even
same shit diffrent channel
all i did today was read under
the tree i planted last week. its still
not very big yet.....but the dream is there

lol woot goldie, my old man lives on GC hahaha
bless his cotton socks
Not Even
hahha i must say though
no one hits the town quite
like sydney i went out and about
down there last weekend

whats news anyways?
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