DIY: Floral Crown

Click photo above for more inspiration. Photo by Elle R.

What better way to celebrate spring and summer than to wear flowers in your hair! And there's no easier way to do this than by creating a pretty and easy floral crown you can wear over and over again. Just follow the instructions below and soon you'll feel just like a spritely creature on a midsummers day!

Supplies needed for this project include: fake flowers, floral tape, decorative floral wire, wire cutters and pliers.

1. Wrap the decorative floral wire around your head to measure for size and add a few inches. Make a cut with wire cutters.

2. Form a crown with the decorative floral wire and wrap the extra wire around securely. You can use pliers to help you shape the wire.

3. Separate the flowers by either pulling or cutting them from their stems.

4. Place the flowers on the wire crown and secure with floral tape.

5. Continue adding flowers around the crown until you're happy with what you have. We only added flowers to the front of the crown.

6. You can mix and match different kinds of flowers to create more elaborate crowns.

7. We made a few different crowns to share with our friends, and we hope you will too!

Photo credit: Irene Hsu of Superflat


DIY: Easy to Make Feathered Headband

Bobby Raffin, a close friend of ours and a true wanderer of the world, shows us how to make a super easy DIY feathered headband. He says, "it will most definitely be the coolest and most original accessory to wear all summer long!"

Supplies needed for this project include: an elastic band, scissors, feathers, thread, glue and preferred material (felt and leather). You may additionally include anything else you would like to add on your headband such as beads or buttons.

1. With your scissors cut a piece of leather roughly around 12” by 1.5” depending on how long and wide you want your headband to be. 


2. Adding some more pieces of material is an option to give a more unique look to your headband. An easy option would be to cut out some triangle shapes in different sizes.  


3. The next step is the glue all of your material pieces together using either super glue or fabric glue depending which ever you have at home.  A suggestion could be to use the tip of the feather to help glue the tiny pieces of material without making a mess.

4. If you plan on adding some buttons or beads it would be a good idea to thread them on to your headband.

5. Next place all of your feathers in the order you want them in.  Try putting the biggest feathers in the middle and the smallest ones on the end.


6. You are going to want to cut out a piece of felt a slightly smaller size of the original headband for backing support and to help sandwich the feathers into place. I suggest using a glue gun for this part because feathers aren’t friendly to all types of glues. 


7. Once everything is stuck together you my finally stitch the piece of elastic to the back of your headband. Depending on the size of your head the measurements may vary. I would prefer to use an equal length to the headband to give a comfortable stretch so that you can rock out with your headband all day and all night without having the annoyance of it being too tight. 


Playlist: Coachella Part 2

The beauty of a music festival such as Coachella is wandering the 7 stages and sampling the sounds of all genres of music. From folk and indie, to electro and soul (or a mash of them all), here is a stellar Coachella 2014 Indie Playlist:

1. Foster the People - Best Friend

2.Flight Facilities - Claire de Lune

3.James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier

4.Poolside - Harvest Moon

5.Aloe Blacc - The Man

6. Banks - Warm Water

7. Chance the Rapper - Cocoa Butter Kisses

8. Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

9. Washed Out - Don't Give Up

10. Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna

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Playlist: Coachella Part 1

One thing that makes Coachella stand out from other music festivals is the variety of genres represented. You can go listen to an indie band play at the Outdoor Theatre, cross over to the Coachella Stage for some hip-hop, and finish the night dancing to electronic music at the Sahara Tent.

Trying to give recommendations that would touch on all these genres would make for one very very long post, so instead we're breaking up these recommendations into two posts. This first post is focused on electronic music with a sprinkling of amazing female vocalists. We could write a short description for each of these songs, but instead we're going to let your ears do the exploring.

1. Minnesota feat G Jones - Indian Summer

2. Netsky - Come Alive

3. The Glitch Mob - Can't Kill Us

4. Jhene Aiko feat Childish Gambino - Bed Peace

5. Bonobo feat Szjerdene - Towers

6. RL Grime - Because of U

7. Adventure Club feat Yuna - Gold

8. Big Gigantic feat Cherub - The Night Is Young

9. Flume feat Freddie Gibbs - Holdin' On

10. Ellie Goulding - My Blood (Kastle Remix)


Style Guide: 3 Types of Festival Goers

Music festivals can bring all kinds of people together – from die-hard indie fans hoping to catch glimpses of their favorite bands to prim fashionistas hoping to catch enough color to match their designer bikinis.

Statement shades, plenty of SPF and a killer swimsuit are really all you need to complete a stand-out look, save for a few extra touches. Here’s our list of key essentials to stay stylish yet pragmatic for each type of festival fan -- whether you’re an old school regular or a wide-eyed newbie, the wandering boho type or just the type to hit the coolest after-parties.


Click photo above for more inspiration. Photo by Natasha N.

1. White Panama hat: No style icon should be without the shade of a flattering wide brim hat. Ben de Lisi, $26.
2. Fringe necklace: A taste of gold-plated luxury at a fraction of the price. Neiman Marcus, $56.
3. Floral Print Bustier: Resort chic with summery tropic prints. River Island, $24.
4. Midi Skirt: Keeping it light and bright with sunny yellow. Maxmara, $450.
5. Sandals: These slick pointed-toe flats are the epitome of regal yet casual sophistication. Nasty Gal, $62.
6. Sunglasses: Throw on some round white-rim specs for a slightly retro look. River Island, $17.
7. Black Bikini: Cut-outs are so hot right now. Alix, $125.
8. Water Canister: Love this minimalist, unobtrusive bottle with a hint of color. Eva Solo, $28.
9. SPF 36 Lip Balm: Keep your kisser smooth, soft and silky. Shiseido $22.


Click photo above for more inspiration. Photo by Jacqueline Illoz.

1. Eye of Wisdom Necklace: Unique, dainty and thought-provoking. House of Harlow, $93.
2. Fringe Kimono: An exotic reimagined fringe shawl. River Island, $66.
3. Cream Maxi Dress: Light and airy, this dress is perfect for the haute hippie. Topshop, $72.
4. Sunglasses: These sky blue aviators with a golden lining are sure to bring a positive vibes. Ray Ban, $150.
5. Suede Sandals: A tassle-loafer look makes for some fashion-forward flats. H&M, $25.
6. Floral Crown: A delicate arrangement of baby blues. Poatri, $30.
7. Fringe Shoulder Bag: Simple and durable, ideal for lugging around covetable goods on your journey. Body Central, $19.
8. Refillable Water Bottle: With an exterior plastic skeleton, this container is both breakage-free and BPA-free. Williams Sonoma, $20.
9. Facial Towelettes: Refreshing wipes always come in handy. Burt’s Bees, $12.
10. Sunscreen stick: As natural as you can get with no harsh chemicals! Burt’s Bees, $10.


Click photo above for more inspiration. Photo by Joellen L.

1. Racerback: This loose tank is a must-have basic for summer! Isabel Marant, $95.
2. Neon Bikini: So electric bright, you could go all day (and maybe all night!). Mara Hoffman, $200.
3. Frayed Denim Shorts: A good pair of Acid Wash hotpants to anchor down a rock n’ roll look. Topshop, $56.
4. Faux Leather Belt Bag: This hands-free pouch is a steal. Nasty Gal, $20.
5. Mirror Sunglasses: These triangular round shades are a work of art! Pixie Market, $16.
6. Back-Up iPhone Battery: So you never run out of juice in the middle of a festival! Marc by Marc Jacobs, $69.
7. Wristwatch: Simple and mod, to keep you on track for your busy festival schedule! Neff, $24.
8. Banana Flask: A fun and funky way to stock up on water (or other liquids)! Urban Outfitters, $24.
9. Flannel Shirt: For staying hip and cozy, even after the sun goes down. Zara, $80.
10. Lace Biker Shorts: A peep of lace underneath the denim is all you need! Kohl’s, $12.
11. Ankle Flats: Lace-up cuff and unique criss-cross pattern over the toe. Jeffrey Campbell, $155.


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