Sprawled out or curled up amidst fields of hay, ivy, leaves and shrubbery, petite blogger and photographer Rebecka Haggblom of Rebecka Haggblom invites us into a melancholic world of the serene outdoors and humble-looking villages through the raw, subtly gritty lens of her camera. Seeking out neighborhoods with that kitschy vibe (otherwise found hideous by her mum), her unconventional shots give effortless chic a whole new meaning.

Her subjects, whether they be town locals, fellow girlfriends or herself, sport long, unkempt hair free-flowing in the wind or tied up into a messy bun. Their wardrobes consist mostly of long, loose t’s, simple sweats, faded linens, denim and pastels, and oversized suburban-style blazers. Simple pieces like pajamas and loose boho dresses in cotton and lace are the uniform of choice here, with something different popping up here and there in the form of citrus-colored suede platforms or a white Bengal tiger graphic.

Set against lonely alleyways, dilapidated marbles, and meager-looking villages strung with laundry lines, Rebecka’s photographs pull out a hidden and quiet beauty that you wouldn't otherwise expect from such places. It’s all very Lars Von Trier, and begs the viewer to rethink the way we look at the simplest things in life, from delicate white blossoms bursting from dark green bushes to the pulsating blue of crashing waves along the coast.