I believe fashion isn't about labeling, and therefore I will wear men's and women's clothes. I'll wear women's high-waisted trousers, neck bows and women's shoes...I have fun with different clothes and I really enjoy how it makes me feel as a person.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you ended up where you are at now. 

I've always loved fashion. From a young age, I wanted to be a sort of fashion guru. When I turned 14, I ventured into my grandfather's wardrobe (his taste in fashion was incredible). He had things in there that he'd never worn or had simply forgotten about over time. I picked out this massive oversized knitted jumper (which was miles too big for me) and instantly paired it with skinny jeans and winter black boots. It was at that moment that I fell in love with fashion.

But it wasn't until I came out of a terrible 3-year relationship that I began to heed the advice others have been giving me — to start my own fashion blog. It would become a platform to reinvent myself and showcase to the world what I had to offer. As time when on, I began to really enjoy blogging about upcoming trends, my favorite outfits and the fashion world in and of itself. The sole purpose behind why I started my blog was to allow people to see things differently, to inspire others and show them that it's okay to wear what you want as long as you're comfortable and happy with yourself. I've always wanted to help people grow in confidence and not be so hard on themselves, as these are qualities I wasn't taught growing up. I wanted to reach out to people and tell them it's okay, and people do care.

As of now, I'm still blogging and have recently added a YouTube channel that is growing all the time!

What are 3 invaluable things you've learned on your journey? 

1. Stay true to who you are, and never let a brand, or anyone else, change you to fit who they want you to be. Knowing yourself is one of the most important things in life.
2. Make sure your looks for Lookbook, Instagram and your fashion blog are in top form. Showcase movement in the looks that are unique and eye-catching.
3. Again, be true to who you are if you want to build your following. Comment on people's looks and show them that you're interested in what they post, as they will take the time to reach out to you as well. It will also stand strong with your brand. 

What camera and backdrops do you use?

The camera I shoot with is a Panasonic Lumix G 4k ready camera. It's a wonderful camera. For backdrops I tend to keep them simple. As a visual merchandiser, I tend to use the backdrops out of our window displays. But if the weather is lovely, then I tend to go outside down the lane near to where I live. At the moment my favorite backdrop is this grey marled backdrop that I took from work.

What are a few apps you can’t live without? 

I can't live without Instagram. It's an amazing app that I love so much. I also love VSCO cam, which is a photo editing app that creates amazing filters. Not to mention good old Lookbook.nu 

Where does most of your inspiration come from? 

Most of my inspiration comes from magazines and Tumblr. I'll find an outfit and think about what I can do to change it, in order to fit what I'm all about.

What are some tips for staying creative and inspired? 

You're not always going to be in a creative mood, or be inspired. So when you have a slump, you just need to believe in yourself and realize that you're not required to do it all the time. Sometimes creativity comes from places that aren't nice, like when we are at our lowest, and then we discover that it's in that moment we end up becoming most creative and inspired. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend and didn't feel like doing anything related to fashion, but one day I woke up and thought — no, this is my time to actually do something for me and to believe in myself to get back into blogging and becoming inspired once more. 

Describe your personal style. 

My style is a mix of high-street fashion, with a mixture of vintage, all rolled into a quirky sense of style. 

Favorite color of the moment? 

Rust, as seen from my latest look and purchase.

Who are your favorite fashion icons? 

Alexa Chung. I'm addicted to that woman. Her style is so effortless and amazing. Also, Olly Alexander, for having such a unique sense of fashion. 

What are your dream collaborations? 

If I could be endorsed by any brand, it would have to be ASOS. It has such a wide range of products and is one of my favorite shops. With its amazing prices and effortless clothing, I would be honored to either collaborate or be endorsed by them. Also, I adore Topman, so if they would like to contact me and get collaborating I would also be over the moon! 

What is a typical day look like for you? 

On weekdays, I pretty much wake up at 5 o'clock to get ready for work at Marks and Spencer's as a visual merchandiser. My job involves creating inspiring display for customers to entice them into our store, making sure mannequins are on trend with the latest fashions, and making sure our stock is refreshed and looking amazing. There are only 2 visual merchandisers in my store so everyday is pretty much hands on. There is always something to be done! As for the weekend or days off, it's dedicated to seeing friends or working on things for my fashion blog and YouTube. 

What are your favorite things to do this time of year? 

Doing photoshoots or YouTube videos indoors, obviously, as it's way too cold. Or, going out with friends for a huge hot chocolate while it's freezing cold outside! 

How would you describe the fashion, arts and culture scene of where you live? 

I live in the countryside so it's very hard to try and describe what it's like but I'll give it a shot. Not many people get fashion around here (especially my kind of fashion), however I really love where I live as there is so much history. It's a beautiful place and it's where the first Ironbridge was every constructed.

What are the top 3 things to visit out there?
1. Ironbridge is a very quaint place to visit all year round. It has many cute little shops and you can always take a stroll by the river.
2. Bridgnorth is another stunning old town with lots of shops and stacks of history to go visit too.
3. There is also the beautiful countryside where you can go for lots of walks, such as The Wrekin or Clee Hills.

How has living where you are affected your sense of taste and style?
I don't really think living here has affected my sense of style as my style has always been a little different and quirky. I often get looks in regards to that, but that's nothing I can't deal with myself. I wear these clothes because they make me feel good about myself and I love the fashion. So I don't think it's affected my sense of style.

Are there any interesting projects you are working on right now?
I'm currently working on "How To Style A Velvet Bomber Jacket." It's going to have some really quirky photography and an awesome video, if I can get what it looks like out of my head and into photography and film!

What is something unique about you?
I believe fashion isn't about labeling, and therefore I will wear men's and women's clothes. I don't feel like men and women need to have separate clothes, as fashion is something you feel comfortable in. I'll wear women's high-waisted trousers, neck bows and women's shoes. I don't feel like I have to just wear men's clothes. I have fun with different clothes and I really enjoy how it makes me feel as a person.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I wouldn't say I have hidden talents but I'd say I'm very good at being creative and looking at things differently. I also like to make things a certain way, like wrapping presents or making cards for people's birthdays and things.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years, I'd be pushing 30, which is a really scary thought. I hope to be with someone by then who appreciates my fashion and everything I do. I hope to have a brand by then and really make a name for myself. But most of all, I just wish to be happy with whatever I'm doing. That's my main thought.

What’s on your music list at the moment?
When I love a song I normally over play it a lot. At the moment it's a few songs — Pentatonix's Coldest Winter (a cover of Kanye West, but beautifully done) and Fifth Harmon's That's My Girl (a very beat and slaying song that you can def have a dance too)!

What are some of your favorite quotes?
"Ignore what people think of you, be true to who you are and never let anyone change you. Don't let anyone dull your sparkle."

“Be who you are meant to be and you will set the world on fire.” ― Catherine of Siena

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