Peeping blooms are popping up everywhere now that spring is almost here, and we’re digging the contrast of blushing pink roses and the petals of baby blues, purples and crimson against dark, woodsy leaves. These sweet whispers of nature not only serve as romantic inspirations for nature lovers like Kiana of Finch & Fawn, but as gentle indicators of a need in subtle wardrobe shifts.

Studying philosophy at Berkeley, Kiana is an avid lover of all things floral — particularly putting together bouquets — and coffee. She also all about adventuring further and living with intention. We’re happy to present some of her favorite transitional pieces as she undergoes some major life changes as well. The most major of these is moving from the west coast to the east coast (or San Francisco to New York)!

If you want to recreate Kiana’s smokey spring wardrobe, start by investing in a few light turtlenecks. They’re super versatile for winter’s transition into spring, whether it’s tucking one into some slacks or a skirt, or layering them underneath a vintage dress. Ankle-length bottoms are all the rage (cut them if they’re too long), and Kiana has one that is a purple pleated skirt and another pair of white denim pants. Silk bombers are fast way to make something look a bit funkier or lighthearted, and a range of belt colors, from black and brown to pink, are a great way to spice up an outfit with little space or cost. And of course, you could never have enough vintage dresses.

“Driving through the hills of Berkeley on a rainy day calls for lots of Bon Iver and coffee.”
“Obviously, we stopped to take some photos along the way.”
“Our first stop in San Francisco was Hollow Cafe.”
“Shortly after, we visited my favorite flower shop, Ampersand, to put together a little bouquet to bring home.”
“I had an absolutely lovely day exploring the city with this one.”
“I scored this peach vintage dress in Oakland. It’s one of the best ones I have.”
Hints of spring are already peering out from behind the evergreen trees — so it’s never too early to get a head start on the season.
Kiana expertly weaves together a romantic, transitional look by layering a velvet dress over a lightweight pink turtleneck.
Dewey burgundy lips and a matching matte shadow stirs up a mysterious aura for the month of love.
“The Standard Hotels are my favorite. I stayed in the Hollywood one back in August and loved everything about it. Late November, it was time to stay at the Downtown LA one, and it did not disappoint.”
“After getting my fill of coffee at Verve, we checked into the humongous room on the 11th floor. We snapped some photos and then walked to the Ace Hotel to have some drinks on their rooftop, before returning to The Standard to explore their outdoor waterbeds.”
“Oh yeah, and surprise, I’m blonde now!”
“I spent a brisk late afternoon in LA, strolling through the Huntington Gardens & Library.”
There are gardens from all over the world here. These blushing pink roses in particularly seems to have inspired Kiana’s look of the day.
Silky bomber jackets bring a funky vibe to the whole ensemble.
“So glad that I got in one last trip to LA before my move to NY. The day was spent drinking lots of coffee and dancing to La La Land songs (I'm in love with that movie) at the Griffith Observatory without a care in the world that other people were around.”
“It also consisted of having dinner at my favorite restaurant Commissary. LA is a special place — I'll miss it.”
Since I only have a bit over a month left living here in Berkeley before I move to new York, I have been very mindful to soak up all the amazing things I love about the Bay Area in general — and about my home in particular.
I live in a studio in a quiet neighborhood southwest of campus and I love everything about this space.
I painted all the walls here, and have enjoyed the new decor and style changes that have happened int his space for the past 2 years.
As you can see, I’m a fan of butterflies…
…and cocktails.
Here’s a few of my favorite vinyls spread over our wood flooring.
It'll be bittersweet to leave to say the least.