Precious metals and cotton in one sentence may sound like an anomaly but Rachel Ecclestone of Urban Traveler marries them together in a way that is not only comfortable and natural, but keeps her fresh on the scene. And like most people who have grown up in Norway, she’s also an expert on uber-practical, multi-purpose cold weather clothing.

A true child of the world, as her website moniker suggests, she spent her pivotal years growing up in places like Oman, Syria, Dubai and Norway. She loves to be inspired by whatever she discovers around her, mostly in the areas of food and fashion, but also in any personal reflections she gains in her travels.

If you want to balance Rachel’s hip, sporty look with got-up-like-this comfort (particularly for shivery weather), think about investing in a super warm and weatherproof metallic jacket with insulation. Wear it over track pants, a two-piece cotton tracksuit or a plush oversized turtleneck. Simple sneakers like the Nike ones she has will easily complete the look. Other stylish pieces to add would be a thick faux fur and of course, the one-of-a-kind white bomber jacket she recently designed with Noisy May!

I live in a suburban area of Amsterdam where most people wear tracksuits, so I thought — why not amp it up and go 100%?

Not sure about you, but I'm digging this track-inspired look, mostly because it feels like you're walking around in PJ's all day.

It’s also much cheaper than buying a matching track bottom suit at some trendy shop. No shame!

Recently I teamed up with Q/S Designed By as a brand ambassador, which means I’ll be styling some of their clothing every month (here are some of the first ones)!

It is a youthful, fresh brand that went through some reinvention and dare I say — they’ve done pretty well.

Their prices are similar to those of Villa, Noisy May and other high quality, affordable brands. And by pairing up with big names like DJ Robin Schulz, Q/S has not only established itself as a style leader in the urban field, but has been able to engage a completely new audience.

Last week, 12 other gals and I took a week off from our typical lives and had a 6-day long week of photo shoots, traveling and surprisingly yummy airport food.

The idea behind this week was to shoot the collections that I created over the past few months in in collaboration with Danish Denim brand Noisy May and 5 other bloggers.

The week, though still incredibly exhausting, passed surprisingly quickly (especially as I was still recovering from the flu).

All in all though, this incredible girl-powered week made it one of the most fun weeks of ‘work’ I’ve ever had.

This winter I'm turning around the bleak winter days with a little more shine — in the form of silver pastels and the comfiest track-suit bottoms ever. I’ve always been a huge fan of hiking, so when Zalando said they'd be interested in collaborating with me, I thought — what would be the ideal clothing gift guide for the fashionable gal, who also has a passion for nature, skiing, and all things outdoors?

Memorable clothing that's just that little bit more unique than the norm is so much more fun to receive than your generic blue scarf or wooly hat. It shows that you've thought about their personality, and makes for a present that nobody else is likely to get something similar to. Adding a little silver, a slash of color or a fun cut-off can really make an outfit.

So if you're in doubt, here are my top reasons to get yourself a silver coat (1), it’s super-duper-uber warm (insulation power, hellooo), (2) congrats — you now have a wearable mirror, kinda, (3) you'll make other people smile, curious — and envious, (4) you’re now a light reflector (safe biking y’all), and (5) silver is actually one of the most versatile clothing colors — believe me! You're automatically one of the best dressed in your squad, regardless of bad hair days.

Having grown up in Norway, I've always had a love for winter, as well as having been able to develop my ‘Am I going to be freezing, just right or sauna-warm’ sense. In Norway, they also have a saying that goes ‘there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.’ This is probably why most Norwegians, including me, have tried out at least 20 different weatherproof brands — and have pretty strong opinions on them.

I’m currently wearing this night-life-biking jacket gem from North Sails, that I'm really, really happy with. Not only is it waterproof, you can be seen a mile off by cars or whatnot, and it's got that lovely poofy warmth that insulates like nothing else.

I'm also wearing a pair of dark navy sweats that is 100% one of my favorite things to wear while walking around town on a freezing cold day, or biking into the city. What else is better than feeling like you're wearing PJ's (while looking fly as hell doing so)? Holla holla!

I’ve always had a love affair for skiing, but, what can I say – skiing is expensive! Sure, it's great exercise, fun and you get front row seats to some very pretty landscapes. But you could also break something, get snow blind, get caught in the rain, and did I mention expensive?

Because of this pretty imbalanced pro-con list, I’ve always tried to keep my trips as economic as possible through hitch-hiking, easy-jet flights and a dirt cheap hostel.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve gone skiing (three years to be exact), and for someone who’s grown up in Norway, that’s quite a stretch.

So when The Pack Society asked if I’d want to join their ranks and go on a trip with them I jumped at the opportunity.

They kitted us out with their line for our trip, ranging from hand luggage, to backpack and bum-bags (best name ever). I think a skiing holiday is probably one of the best ways to test out a backpack brand, as you’re putting it through a lot of harsh weather circumstances, strength endurance, a lot of zipping and unzipping, and of course ‘the comfort test’.

Last Thursday, you can basically say that one of my childhood dreams pretty much came true.

I was able to launch my first clothing collection in collaboration with Noisy May.

The piece that I am the most happy with is this white bomber jacket, which translates the classic black pleather biker jacket into something fresh, comfortable and flattering — making it look trendy for a fraction of the price of its leather counterpart.

This jacket, as well as a bunch of others designs, are now available in Wehkamp, Zalando and Noisy May.

The idea behind this collection was primarily functionality for me, mixed with some of my favorite Scandinavian classics (with just a little twist).

I am really psyched and looking forward to hearing what you think of my collection, and the collections of the other girls. If you purchase any of these pieces I'd love to see you style them by tagging #noisymayinfluenced or me in your pictures on Instagram @urbantraveller!