Collaborating with a professional photographer can make a world of difference when it comes to posting top look photos. Just ask Yona L. of Everlasting Pure, who recently shot with her colleague June for the first time along the smoky streets of the New York City metropolis. She'll share her journey of first-shoot jitters, some pleasant surprises and a few helpful strategies on putting together a vintage-chic look that’s perfect for exploring the world’s most creative urban playgrounds.

You'll also find she's an avid artist, supplementing her personal style images with fashion sketches peppered throughout her profile and blog (we’re always a fan of bloggers who not only pursue multiple creative interests, but discover charming little ways to cross-pollinate their passions and interests -- always a fun thing)!

And if you’re looking to emulate the incredible styles shown below, here’s a few tips on what to include in your springtime city wardrobe: a long neutral-colored overcoat (she picked camel, but grey works just as well), an oversized denim jacket, a cut-out sweater, a dark denim skirt, a pleated or midi skirt, and leather thigh-high or ankle boots. Not too shabby for a first timer experience with a professional shooter.

It was a warm Sunday and I had the pleasure to meet up with photographer June to show him around Chinatown and Soho in the not-so-bustling New York City.

I went for more of a vintage look by wearing a long overcoat, paired with thigh high boots from Zaful (I love this denim skirt so much).
I’m a bit new to the professional photography scene, and was pleasantly surprised by how fun and chill it was. We had many laughs and good conversations, not to mention plenty of stares from passerbys during the shoots.

Seeing how my first time shooting with June went really well, I was given the utmost pleasure to shoot with him again and boy, was I excited (and partially nervous)!
The weather here is crazy cold so it’s the perfect time to flaunt some fur (faux, of course).
Just reppin’ black fur on the east side….
I decided to go for a heavy chic look with this sleek colorblock bag from Rosegal.
What I love about this linen and cotton midi skirt from StyleWe is the versatility in which I can style it with. I have so many POSITIVE thoughts about this store!
It works for simple, casual days, while also being sensible and appropriate enough for professional matters.
I can't wait to style this skirt for warmer days to come...