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What is Lightning in a Bottle, or LIB?

Produced by Do Lab, Lightning in a Bottle, is a camping, arts, music and yoga festival that takes place during Memorial weekend - May 24-29, 2017 -next to a lake (previously dried up until this year) at San Antonio Reservoir Recreation Area in Bradley, CA.

Who is The Do Lab? Why does it sound so familiar?

The Do Lab are the mastermind behind the always shape-shifting, evocative, and vibrant Do Lab Stage (and our favorite stage) at Coachella!

The Do Lab’s mission is to design, build, and nurture festivals and event experiences that inspire authentic connections to ourselves, our community and the environment.

Cool, so who is going?

Anyone with an open heart and attitude to be inspired and transformed by the experience. Last year, Lightning in a Bottle sold out at about 20,000 attendees.

What does LIB provide?


There are several music stages at LIB: Lightning stage, Thunder Stage, The Woogie, the Grand Artique, plus two bars: Favela and Pagoda. This year, headliners include Bassnectar, Bonobo, and Rufus du Sol. Last year’s Minnesota b2b G Jones set was out of this world!


MOVA Gallery is returning to LIB with a collaboration with, setting up a large dome with visuals projected on the inside and the outside of the architecture. Be prepared to venture in an immersive, visual alternative reality at LIB! In addition, not going to be outdone by shiny new technology, live painters will also be dotted throughout the festival where onlookers can admire the art and connect with the artists.


LIB offers a myriad of yoga sessions from sound healing to live music vinyasa flow. Perfect for calming your soul and stretching out your muscles after a night of dancing your shoes off.


Who says you can’t become more informed and educated at a festival? There will be educational panels on topics ranging from the roots of evolution to becoming an activist at The Beacon. At The Learning Kitchen, you can attend workshop on permaculture, digestive therapy, saving bees by drinking mead, and many more.


According to LIB, Harm Reduction is a set of practical strategies where the goal is reducing the negative consequences of drug use. LIB is a drug-free event, however, it is undeniable that people still go ahead and use them, just like they do in our larger society. Several organizations with trained volunteers, therapists, doctors will be on site whose role will range from handing out safety items like a pair of earplugs to reduce noise harm to providing a safe mental space for those who are having a difficult experience.


Organic, non-GMO food stalls and yummy herbal elixirs will fill LIB’s food court that will keep your mind and your body happy throughout the festival.

There are free water stations readily available all around the festival ground. Known for its eco-friendly consciousness, LIB is the only United States festival to win the "Outstanding Award" from A Greener Festival, five years in a row. Bring your reusable water bottles and ditch plastic waste at LIB.

LIB promotes the concept of Leave No Trace, where everyone picks up after themselves. By the end of the festival, everyone is also responsible for taking out their own trash.


LIB’s Marketplace is filled with artisanal apparel, accessories and beauty boutiques that support sustainability. These up-and-coming boutiques carry one-of-a-kind, often hand-made products that you can't find else where. Read our interview series with some gorgeous LIB boutiques below.

Did Lookbook go last year in 2016? How was it?

Yes, we did! We were blown away by what we saw and what we experienced. For those who are experienced in the festival scene, we’d described LIB as a blend of Burning Man and Coachella, taking the best of both worlds. Besides all the activities, we’re also looking forward to the new lake (well, the lake has always been there. Just dried up in previous years). Thanks to the heavy rain in California, we can’t wait to take a dip at LIB in this year!

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