Inspired by Stranger Things, the 80’s and her newfound love for performance poetry, Jenny C. of Jenny Marie Castner’s sense of style is evolving just as quickly as the things in her life seem to be. Here, she talks about how change and going out of your comfort zone is inevitable to growth, and how to embrace with great optimism the natural anxieties that may come with weathering new places and different environments.

Jenny also isn’t afraid to share about her growing faith and the enormous impact it is having on her life, whether that’s learning more about herself and her place in the world in regards to others, or learning to have grace for both. A few of those things include discovering her love for learning itself, her acceptance of being an introvert, and understanding that it’s okay to be selective in friendships, and that quality can be just as good as quantity. With an awesome gig in a well-known worship band, a wonderful new boyfriend, and a humble openness to learning about God, we have high hopes for Jenny’s future — and her style.

As a college student on a tight budget, she’s managed to make it work with a few key items that you can easily cop at your local thrift shop or even your parents’ closets. Freshen up last year’s boyfriend jeans with some ankle cuffing, or that pencil denim skirt with some pocket patchwork. Her bomber jacket with interior orange lining is a nice touch, and the oversized denim jacket is a must-have right now. Accessorize with a pair of Vans, a black belt and some rimmed glasses. Upside down adventures await.

I've been wanting a pair of versatile thigh high boots since last year and these are perfect. I bought these through ASOS, but the brand is Public Desire. They're not too expensive, which made me incredibly happy because I'm still a college student on a tight budget.

I promise, they're worth it -- and the gold heel is such a dope little detail.

We’re almost halfway through 2017 and I have a boyfriend, a new job and entering my last semester of school. My band is putting out music and I finally know what it’s like to have a relationship with Jesus -- the list just doesn’t end.

So, here’s to more personal growth in 2017, and to new beginnings. Let's always work on ourselves and be a light to other people as best as we can.

I've come to the realization that I love learning.

I love learning about myself, understanding why I connect more so with certain people rather than others, that it's okay to be introverted and shy but also that it's okay to rely on others every so often --and that being true to myself is one of the best things I could possibly do in this world.

I’m learning about the 80’s, and am currently obsessed. Watching Stranger Things has led me down a spiral slope into everything that is 80's (specifically music and fashion), but I love it.

I’m learning about poetry. Neil Hilborn has a killer pocket poetry book called "Our Numbered Days". It's beautiful and funny and sad and captivating. I never liked poetry...but now I do.

I'm learning about God. It's amazing the transformation you see in yourself when you study the Bible. You'll never know everything, and you've got to be okay with that. Christianity is a journey because, as humans, we'll never be perfect. We mess up. We grow distant from God and then we come back to him. But God calls us to be the best we can be. Never stop working on yourself. Recognize your weaknesses, but don't be too hard on yourself.

When I was younger, I could talk to anyone absolutely anywhere. But once I left high school, I began to encounter people that I had not known for 10+ years. Just when I thought I knew exactly who I was, the crutch of familiarity was kicked out from under me.

But there's nothing wrong with not being able to connect with everyone. That just means that the relationships I do have are meaningful. And I realize that my outgoing personality hasn't necessarily disappeared since I've been out of high school -- it just comes out around the people that I love and feel most comfortable around. I've just grown to learn more about myself in new environments...which is pretty awesome.

So moral of the story: learn about yourself, stop doubting who you are as a person, and stay positive when you think you've completely lost it. Because if there's one thing I know, is that we're all trying to do this life thing as best as we can. And God made each and every one of us exactly how we should be.