We love the Illuminating Muse. Rave, festival, magical, sparkly, made with love.
What is your brand's message?

Lux in Latin mean Light. When the voice inside my head spoke the words LuxMuse, i knew right there in that moment that my message to the world was to illuminate. Every design is inspired by different personalities, body types, cultures, places and women. She is my muse and I create for her to shine.

What is your brand's story?

LuxMuse, like many things in my life, just kinda happened. I always made clothing for myself and my friends as a way to be different. It was my cry of rebellion and I never wanted us to look like main stream fashion. One day I realized a lot of people were commissioning me for their festival outfits. So I quit my festival production job and opened up an online shop.

What makes your brand unique?

Since so many pieces are one of kind, I source a lot of my fabrics from close outs, thrift shops or vintage gems. I like to keep my customers exposed to different things. Just how we evolve and change I want my brand to do the same.

Who is your brand made for?

Lux Muse is made for the wanderlust nomad who travels the globe or the fashionista with an eye for sparkly things. Sometimes the acrobat flying high over an audience or the free thinking woman who dances on her own. Lux Muse is for every woman I meet or come across, since she's my inspiration I only create because of her.

What is your background? How did you come up with the brand?

I've been a raver since my junior year in HS and I've attended festivals since then. My craft was always targeted in large stage interactive installations. I always wanted to make a big impact with my art and inspire others to believe in themselves. The moment I realized I could do that with high waist booty shorts then the rest is history. The booty short dares women to love themselves by making them feel the fire inside. Then I knew that the message was bigger than any installation and decided to just concentrate on my line.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Textures, textures and drum-and-bass. In my earlier years of learning how to sew I listened to drum and bass non stop. It awaken something. The fast melodies spoke a story and there was no denying that it fueled me. I saw colors I had only seen in dreams and brought me visions of joy. Now textures, some fabrics speak the countries they were weaved from or simply what elements have graced the fabric. Sometimes you hear a beat and it's the same feeling you experience as to when you touch a new texture.

What is your favorite product or look so far, from your collection or lookbook?

My Dreamy Lane Jackets. Inspired by the movie "almost famous", the character Penny lane wears a very chic 70's coat and she travels the country following bands. I see myself in her because thats how I kinda lived my early 20's. Just in my case I followed art installations and not rockstars.

What is operating a brand like?

Operating a brand is exactly like traveling. You are optimistic about every single thing you have planned but come to find out it's not always going to turn out the way you wanted. There is a lot of unexpected turns and growing pains. The un expected is the only thing you can expect. You will meet the most incredible beings on earth and always always remember passion over profits. When you create from the heart, the rest kinda just falls into place.

What is sustainability to you?

Sustainability is compassion and taking a little field trip to your local dumpster. There is so much magic in trash that you would be surprised how much NEW and incredible fabrics you could find!!!

What is craft to you?

Craft for me is my drug. It's the first thing I crave in the morning (besides coffee), the thing that can keep me up till sunrise or the one that makes me feel as if it's my life supply. My craft is my tool to wake people up. I would still be doing what I was doing if there was no money in it, as long as people were inspired to follow their passion. When I cross over and watch the movie of my life, I want to be proud and I want to be able to say that my craft was a big part of shifting things here on earth.

What does high-quality mean to you?

High quality is LOVE. The love and energy that is put into a garment is high quality. So many things are made fast and for profit, we loose the magic in piece that should be treated as art. Fashion is art and its not here to exploit third world countries. High quality for me, means I'm creating jobs for hard working humans on this planet who care for products that will be with you for a long time.

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