On Lookbook, Yona is known for her sleek, urban style with an edge. Her talented illustrations of her own looks are well-loved by the community as well.

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Who are you?

I am blessed to be born and raised all my life in New York with a Chinese and Japanese blood descent. I am exposed to so much different cultures, people, and fashion trends that New York offers, defining the person I am today. I like being positive and for the most part, I enjoy traveling, discovering ways to live a healthy lifestyle, style blogging, drawing personal outfit looks as well as drawing illustrations.

How would you describe your style?

I am greatly influenced with grunge and Asian fashion so it's somewhere in between there. There are days where my style varies because I do get inspired from other looks shared on social media platforms (Instagram, Lookbook, etc). So I might want to experiment and dress sultry one day and another day I might go for a lazy cute look.

How did you become a Lookbook member?

Back when I was in my senior year of high school, I discovered fashion blogs and enjoyed looking at the photo details on the blog. I found their linked Lookbook account on their blog. I was so blown away with the concept here on Lookbook where ordinary people could just share their ootd. It didn't matter where they were from or what their occupation was. I was surprised that not all Lookbookers were fashion bloggers. They were people who truly loved fashion like I do and I wanted to be part of that movement.

What do you like to wear during the week? How do you style this look?

Days don't really matter to me because I dress to impress and always dress to fit the mood of that day! I would go for a grunge style thats simple and wear a black dress and pair it with any type of black shoes- platforms, thigh high boots, or sandals. Of course, never forget to wear a choker with a dress!

What do you like to wear on the weekends? How do you style this look?

I would usually experiment with pieces and/or styles that I want to try on weekends when I'm spending time with my friends and family. This includes new fashion trends like the cut out hole distressed jeans . I would wear it with a boxy tee, fishnets or stockings under them which definitely enhances the grunge look and then throw on a pair of cute slingbacks. I love styling with jeans because there's just so many different ways to wear it with.

How did you find out about Zaful?

I have noticed that fashion bloggers and Instagrammers have been tagging Zaful on their post so that got me really interested. Many have reviewed their clothing products and they also have a very extensive category for bikini and swimwear which is also a bonus.

How do you shop on Zaful?

I love shoes so the first thing I would do is look through their shoe section. There are so much different styles that Zaful offers and it's really fun to look through them all. I usually use their filters on the side when I'm looking for something more specific like platform shoes or sandals.

What are some of your favorite items you found on Zaful?

As a shoe fanatic, my favorites from Zaful were these faux leather black thigh high boots that I've worn throughout the winter. And another were these pair of pink booties. It's the cutest thing ever because the shade really caught my eye. Both of them resonate with my style so they looked so in sync with my outfits!

What items are you looking to buy this summer?

Summer will be hot so I'm planning to go for items that can help me stay cool but look cute at the same time. Things like sliders or mules, super distressed denim jeans, and easy to slip on dresses would be somethings I would look for.

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