UPDATE 11/1: The Halloween Contest has ended!

Thanks so much everyone for posting so many fantastic outfits! We are reviewing them now and will make a follow up post with the winners shortly so stay tuned.


UPDATE 10/31: The Halloween Contest is now live!

Please note: to make your costume easy for us to find, please be sure to include the word "Halloween" somewhere in your title! Also, be sure to post your Halloween look up before midnight, 11:59 PM Pacific time on 10/31 to be eligible for the $100 gift cards. Good luck everyone and Happy Halloween!


This Sunday Oct. 31 is going to be our first ever Halloween Costume Day on!

We want to see all your crazy/sexy/cool Halloween costumes, and this year we want them posted on the site all on the same day!

So be sure to snap some LB-worthy head-to-toe costume photos before you go out tonight and tomorrow, and then post your Halloween look up this Sunday only! (Don't be early, and don't be late!)

We will be scouring the site for awesome costumes and will award $100 Visa Gift Cards to our favorite 3 Halloween looks.

We will also be sending free HYPE stickers to notable runner ups.

Have a happy and crazy (but safe) Halloween!


Bobby Raffin

Bobby R. @bobbyraffin

!!! eee!i LOVE costumes thank for making this Yuri :D I cannot wait!

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Lisa Malanij

Lisa M. @lisamalanij

Yay! I was wondering if Halloween outfits could count as a LB look :] SWEET!

reply ·
Ira Giorgetti

Ira G. @iraisavampire

so joining this

reply ·
Lauren  P

Lauren P.


reply ·
Miss blue M

Miss blue M. @bluebird

hype. i love halloween x

reply ·
Sydney M

Sydney M.

so excited for this!

reply ·
Lucie Waldorf

Lucie W.

:D ahahahahah!

reply ·
Sherry Lin

Sherry L. @ohneverever


reply ·
Nene M.

Nene M. @nenemena


reply ·
Grice Marie G

Grice Marie G.

coool!!! ^_^

reply ·
Jason C.

Jason C. @cappuchino


reply ·
Sylvanna B.

Sylvanna B. @decembers

looking forward to this! (:

reply ·
Kiani Iman

Kiani I. @kianiiman


Can't wait!!

reply ·
Emma P.

Emma P. @emmertini

60% of the time it works every time.....:)

reply ·
Sydney Love Gross

Sydney Love G. @sydneygross

yes!! so excited for this!

reply ·
Lia Jeanine

Lia J. @liajm

Awesome! I can't wait!

reply ·
Mika Francis

Mika F.

mmmmmmm :)

reply ·
Jacqueline P.

Jacqueline P. @jacquelinep

Totally Participating!

reply ·
Stephanie D.

Stephanie D.


reply ·
Oliverio Perez

Oliverio P. @oliverio

I'll probably win hehehe

reply ·
Kat W.

Kat W. @uncultured

I already have a picture which is perfect, the only thing is my costume is a group costume. (it is amazing, worth the exception!)
Can we submit a group photo?

reply ·
Precious White

Precious W. @movingupmymode

ready for tomorro !<3

reply ·
Briny Summer

Briny S. @deadbeatsummer

i was planning on posting my costume!!!! great idea <3

reply ·
Jessica Li

Jessica L. @thevoguette

Already have those pictures taken! So excited to see what everyone else comes up with!

reply ·
Vladan Gavric

Vladan G.


reply ·
Lola C

Lola C. @helloinsanity

Yes!! I'll post hehehe ^^

reply ·
Andrew Welsh

Andrew W. @andore

i'm SUHH entering this

reply ·
Erika E.

Erika E. @erikae

So excited c:

reply ·
Maria Rodrigues

Maria R. @mariarodrigues

my first look will be for this! (:

reply ·
SJ Jeon

SJ J. @kitschysoul

It must be so fuuuuuuun!

reply ·
Zoe  Z

Zoe Z.


reply ·
Felipe  Andrade

Felipe A.

Yeeah !

reply ·
Michelle M

Michelle M.

awesome., :)

i'll try my best , ha.,

reply ·
Febri Dwi

Febri D. @febridwi


reply ·
Daviana Minaya

Daviana M.

reply ·
Eliza A

Eliza A.

UGH MAAAAN!!!! >.< I wanna do this!!!! I won't be able to finish on time for my custom. -.-
But I'll be ready for next yr! :D hahahhaaa

reply ·
Erin Z

Erin Z. @justerinz

I think this should be extended because some people have their party till late, so they wont be able to post their pictures on time.

reply ·
Ira Giorgetti

Ira G. @iraisavampire

does it have to be Sunday my time or like, till 11.59pm in a certain timezone? :\

reply ·
Anthony Shieh

Anthony S. @anthonyshieh

Grar! Hope i win this! Ill post my spooklook asap! :)

reply ·
My Fairy Queen

My Fairy Q. @myfairyqueen

I've posted my look, check it out! <3

reply ·
Aruna  Fawcus

Aruna F. @arunafawcus

I love this, I'm looking forward to seeing other peoples!!

reply ·
Chainloop Chainloop

Chainloop C.

so cooool!!!

reply ·
Molly R

Molly R. @anklexbones

posted my look :)
can't wait to see everybodys. ♥

reply ·
Milica Venoma

Milica V. @venoma

Posted my look :)))

reply ·
Carolina Corvo

Carolina C. @stylishfeeling

great ideia!

reply ·
Chelsea Taylor

Chelsea T. @chelseataylor

done :) just in time hah

reply ·
Aimée Keenan

Aimée K. @thelostgirl

I've posted my look! :D xx

reply ·
Kirsty Bridge

Kirsty B. @bellefantaisie

posted my look along with my boyfriends too :D xx

reply ·
Nicola Sharkey

Nicola S. @nicolasharkey

Love it! Just posted my Halloween look! x

reply ·
Becca Rose R

Becca Rose R. @beccarose

yay just posted my look!

reply ·
Marit B.

Marit B. @writeranddreamer

QUESTION. I know the Lookbook rules say that only one person and one outfit can be included in a shot, but if I have a two-person costume (it only makes sense if we're both in the shot), can I upload a photo of both of us and submit it to the contest?

reply ·
Amelia G

Amelia G. @xameliax

Posted! Doubt anyone will know who i am supposed to be though! ...its not exactly the most fashion-forward costume!

reply ·
Trixie Gallardo

Trixie G. @trixie

Nice! Posted mine! (:

reply ·
Terry G.

Terry G. @lazygirl

POSTED!!! This is going to be so much fun! Happy Halloween, everyone!

reply ·
Anthony Shieh

Anthony S. @anthonyshieh

Vote mine! Pretty please? ^_^

reply ·
Lauren Murray

Lauren M.

Posteeeed mine! trick or treaaaaaaaat.

reply ·
Marge Watson

Marge W.

love the halloween color change! wish i took a photo last night so i could have posted :( look forward to seeing everyones though!

reply ·
Katerin M

Katerin M. @keyem

witches and drughi tonight!!!!!!

reply ·
Audrey Rose Goldaline

Audrey Rose G. @bunnyrabbitgirl

Happy Halloween everyone!

reply ·
Caro Brouns

Caro B.

now i finally have a little halloween feeling.

reply ·
Davide Marciano

Davide M. @sirvainvyde

Happy Halloween!

reply ·
Emilie W.E.

Emilie W. @emilie

Nice one!

reply ·
Antoine Nicol

Antoine N. @tonnykidd

Happy Halloween GUYS ! Cheers :D

reply ·

CAILIN C. @cailincastanza

evil dead fans, peep my girl version of "Ash" ;)

reply ·
Fermesch Dylanoya

Fermesch D. @fermesch

woow! :)

reply ·
Irina Summer

Irina S. @irinasummer

I had a great time looking at everyone's freaky costumes :)

reply ·
Kelsey M

Kelsey M. @kelseym

took a while to make this
sewed it all
made the hat
take a look

reply ·

COURTNEY B. @abevyof

i don't consider 48 hours later "shortly"

reply ·
Julien Garçon

Julien G. @juliengarcon

it would've been fonny if someone posted a christmas look and was like, oh it's not christmas, my bad.

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