UPDATE 5/9 12:01 AM: After tallying the hypes on all the looks chosen below, we counted a grand total of 14,144 hypes as of midnight! We are proud to announce that, as promised, LOOKBOOK.nu is making on this night a US $14,144.00 donation (over 1.1 million Japanese Yen) to the Red Cross towards Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts. A big thank you to LB members Johanne D. and Peter A. who organized this collaboration and to everyone who participated.


UPDATE 5/8 4:05 PM: One more look by Bethany S. has been added!


UPDATE 5/8 10:58 AM: We've added some of our favorite new looks this morning by Mike Q., Elis C., Bobby R., and Any T.!


We were so proud when we saw that a group of LB members decided to come together this weekend to show their continued support for the victims of Japan's recent earthquakes and tsunamis.

To show our own support for this respect-worthy effort, LOOKBOOK.nu will donate $1 (USD) to Japan relief efforts for each "hype" that the looks below accumulate by the end of this weekend (Sunday, May 8, 2011 @ 11:59 PM Pacific time).

You know what to do!

Stay strong, Japan by Anastasia S.

Sending love to Japan by Mayo W.

Help! I need somebody! by Peter A.

This Is For Japan by Amanda L.

Japan Fighto The Collaboration Project!!! by Oh A.

Support Japan your own way by Johanne D.

Meant to live for so much more by Yoshi S.

Nippon raise by Henny B.

Hope for them, Japan by Cathie N.

You are not alone. by Helene T.

Together we are stronger by Jace T.

1000 of wishes for you japan by Any T.

Live high -Be strong(LB loves Japan) by Mike Q.

Here for Japan! by Bobby R.

Japan in my heart... by Elis C.

With Love by Bethany S.

We will be keeping tabs on the site for more Japan looks and adding our faves to this page as well as our photo album on Facebook. Feel free to participate by letting us know about any looks that we missed!

Please consider making your own donation to help relief efforts by clicking here or texting "REDCROSS" to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Thanks and our very best to all our friends in Japan!