Happy Father's Day!

On our Facebook Page we asked what was the best advice you ever received from dad?

Here's some of our favorite responses:

‎"That boy is not good enough for you" -Becky T.

"When in doubt, rent a Clint Eastwood film" -Mady B.

"If you have to do drugs, stick to hallucinogens. Stay away from all that hard stuff." -Cara W.

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Pacharaporn K.
i love these response :)
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Nikki Bracken
ahahah.. well what are they good for!!! i love my old man and i have no idea what i would do without him , desperate times come for desperate measures. :)
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Little Miss Mitz
i liked the last ones :) my father is also a fan of clint, and he (my father, not clint eastwood ^^) guids me with his little advices about life. he allways gives me a healthy and reasonable prespective about life..
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Kara Sanchez
never knew my dad he made my pregant and they were not married and he left her she was a single mom .Try to makec her proud of me in nursing school at UTEP
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Hannah McDonald
''Don't worry about guys.. they think with their little head not their big head'' I love my dad.
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