Karma Count Changes

We recently fixed a bug that included karma from deleted looks in users' total karma counts. Now, karma from deleted looks no longer factors into your total karma count. This means you may see a significant drop in your karma count if you have many flagged or deleted looks. Rest assured, your account was not hacked!

Sorry for any confusion and thanks for understanding. If you have any questions or concerns please email our support team at support@lookbook.nu!


Yolanthe Gie
I couldn't log in yersterday and I saw statement about bug.
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Milla Riikka Hellevi
sounds logical!
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Kathe C.
great !! because some lookbookers used the re-post to earn more karma !!
and is so sad to see someone whit 5 looks and 2000 karma, and when you enter to the profile they're karma is big but the hypes in every look they have is low ..
Laura A-B
I always found that so annoying, seeing the same looks posted many different times!!
Chante GB
all my pictures have been removed,I'm not sure if this is related to the bug? please help
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Mikhaela Sacay
Very fair.
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John Laughlin
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Sef Tiburcio
it's fair and i adore it.:)
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J. B. ♥
great !
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Vera .
Like :)
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Dollar Shopping
you really have nice and unique topic...like it.
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