LOOKBOOK @ Coachella

We had the most amazing time roaming around Coachella last weekend in search of the very best festival styles. The summer of love is upon us!

We hope you'll enjoy a few of our favorite snapshots from Week 1. If you're going to Week 2, have a blast and be sure to use hashtag #coachella to show us what you're wearing or see other Lookbookers' Coachella-inspired looks!

(Click for large.)

Bohemian Blonde. Vintage Dress, Zara Boots, Valentino Sunglasses

Maria from Brazil

Daniel from Brazil, Self-made Shirt

Jillian, Sunglasses from Venice Boardwalk, Topshop Necklace, Bag from Nicaragua

Mini Backpack, 90's Throwback

Coachella Babes in Floppy Hats & Ankle Boots

Coachella Friends

Irene, Trestle Back Bustier from UO, BDG Shorts, Leica M6 and Nikon FG Cameras

California Dreamin'

Flower Power

Glam Grunge

The Do Lab Stage

Nick Cage!


Sarah in Floppy Hat

Day 2 Sunset

Dan in Metropolis Vintage N.Y.C. Sunglasses

Neon Animal Print, Funky Adidas

Lacey from New Zealand, Senso Shoes, Dress from Australia, Sunglasses from New Zealand


Minh Tu Van, Derek Heart Dress, (Unknown) Thai Designer Hat

Chiara Yaya Gentile

Caspian Sea, Brady Melville, Wesley Goodriche

Cobalt Blue Tie-Dye, Nasty Gal Dress, Warby Parker Glasses, Kooba Bag

Friends w/ Style

Anna (samannamanic.tumblr.com with a kick-ass kimono, Goodwill Dress, ASOS Boots, DIY Kimono, World Market Necklace, Vintage Sunflower Ring

Sexy Leather Shorts, Tribal Knitted Fanny Pack

Cool Prints, Cute Pag, Ripped Knees, Pixie Hair

Brittany in Topshop Top, UO Skirt, Goody Headband

Stylish Slime Crew!

Bobby & Yuri

Dominique Nghiem a.k.a. STYLE2BONES

Bobby Raffin, the one and only ♥

Eve the Fire Dancer

Hula Hoop Dancer

Joseph Libertino & Lulu Delalama

White Knit Bell-bottoms

Liquid Gold

Friends Dancing, 90's Influence

Luke with Self-made Shower/Water Jug, Gifted-from-friend Fanny Pack

All photography by Han + Irene, SUPERFLAT


Carlo  Salabsab

Carlo S.

Neon Animal Print, Funky Adidas is SICK!! ugh.

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Alam Martínez

Alam M. @alam_martinez

OMG Nice :*

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Mariamma  Iris

Mariamma I. @mariammairis

Yay Lookbook! I am abroad right now, from Cali, living in Brazil, and so I am living vicariously through your photos! Thank you! Made my day!

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Giusy Manzella

Giusy M. @cheapandglamour

Great selection!

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Siobhán McD.

Siobhán M. @shivinthebox

Love it all!!! xx

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Aitch Slavic

Aitch S. @aitchijk

Do any Black People attend Coachella?

Jasmine Green

Jasmine G. @jaminjazzy

Yes they do. Look book just didn't seem to capture any. I'm black, I didn't go because of funds, but I would have

Fred McCoy

Fred M. @fredmccoy

No. We could waste money on this then scream poverty later, or use this money to develop our own small businesses, attend college, or buy homes. It's pretty clear why we don't go.

Jasmine Green

Jasmine G. @jaminjazzy

Anyway.....yes black people go. He didn't speak for all of us. Since can go and still afford education and homes...wtf did that statement have to do with anything

Lola T

Lola T. @dimestorediamond

If we went just by the images that are spread across the Internet, they make it seem like only white people go. I've gone to coachella 3 years and there is definitely black and brown folks like myself that go, but it is predominately white. Would be cool if the media showed that diversity a little though let's be real. Lauren Hills outfit from a few years ago was the epitome of perfection and set of a lot of trends.

James S

James S. @travelfan

A lot of black people go to Coachella. I go every year, and starting in 2011 they really started branching out from indie/rock/electronic and highlighting hip-hop and R&B as well. Of course, not all black people listen to hip-hop/R&B, and not all people who listen to hip-hop/R&B are black, but you see a lot of black people at Coachella. Some are there to see Wu Tang Clan, some are there to see Social Distortion. But the festival is predominantly white, although there are a lot of Asian and Latino attendees as well. It really is pretty diverse racially, but of course media images are virtually all white. Fashion sites search out for the glamorous fashionistas, and not the music fans (which, by the way, is the most important part about Coachella and not the fashion haha) who show up in a Jurassic 5 or Descendents t-shirt and shorts.

I love Coachella, love music, and love style, but the increasing focus on a music festival as a fashion show gets a little old and I think sends the wrong message about what this event is about. If you spend more time thinking about your outfit than the scheduling of sets you are going to see, you are doing it wrong IMO.

Jasmine Green

Jasmine G. @jaminjazzy

James, will you marry me? Exactly my thoughts.

David Larry

David L. @sixor12

@Jasmine G please don't become the problack girl that likes white folks ONLY.
Black people do the exactly the same things white people do- if you go to ANY black function you will see the same ratio of whites to black (project blow, The good life, 5th st dicks) ps yes I'm in LA.

Jasmine Green

Jasmine G. @jaminjazzy

@David L. You sound ignorant as fuck. I'm not a "problack" girl or whatever the fuck that means. I was stating that yes black people go to coachella, and what does being black and further educating ourselves as, Fred M. stated have to do with going to a good music festival? One black guy made a dumb as comment so now I'm problack because i disagreed lmao get out of here with that bullshit. My whole statement was to say that black people do the same things as white people.

David Larry

David L. @sixor12

@Jasmine G Calm down... I'm agreeing with you on most points and your cursing and "neck snapping" isn't going to build a dialogue.
I'm sad that you felt the need to "keep it REAL" but now there is going to be a negative outlook about black women because of your outburst.
Thanx now we are doing the "one step forward 2 steps back dance."

Lola T

Lola T. @dimestorediamond


David sounds like some sort of white racist troll. The racism and misogyny can be dismissed. You're on point. <3

Jasmine Green

Jasmine G. @jaminjazzy

@LOLA T. Thank you. He is extremely ignorant. How was you calling me "problack" and only agreeing with white people agreeing with me. Now you really sound ignorant also because you act like black girls are the only ones that curse when someone pisses them off. yes i love the F word, get the fuck over it ;] You don't know me in the slightest, don't act like you do. Now i'm done with you. go on along now and be and ignorant racist troll.

Jasmine Green

Jasmine G. @jaminjazzy

and @David L. there was no neck snapping involved, so adding your stereotypical asshole comments furthers the image of ignorance i already have of you.

Lola T

Lola T. @dimestorediamond

@jasmine I am confused lol... Are you directing that second part at me? I don't agree with anything David said.

Jasmine Green

Jasmine G. @jaminjazzy

@Lola T. No no no all of it was for him except me saying thank you to you in the beginning lol.

David Larry

David L. @sixor12

@lola T WOW!, I'm a black man with a black woman having black children.
I'm sorry Jasmine G I was just trying to say with a little "wink" don't let the bro's comment get you down on black men and alternative events.
Man!, these women and their filters.
@Jasmine G I sent you my email and would love to just chat and connect and we surely can clear up any misconceptions.

Jasmine Green

Jasmine G. @jaminjazzy

@David P.m. dude I'm over it. I was pissed and this whole thing is stupid. I apologize for any misconceptions. But he didn't get me down in black his I just didn't know why he made that irrelevant statement like no black person goes to coachella ever.

David Larry

David L. @sixor12

FINALLY we are on the same page! I have no idea why he said that shit either?
Just didn't want him pushing the sista over to the other side because your just "FED-UP" with the stay on yo' block attitude a lot of us like to have.
Whew.... meeting of the minds in public for the WHOLE world to see.

Jasmine Green

Jasmine G. @jaminjazzy

But just so you know I do date a white guy, of that's what the whole "pushed to the other side" thing means. For 2 years now. I don't look at color when thinking of a potential mate.

David Larry

David L. @sixor12

That is the perfect answer.
Not about which one you pick it is ONLY about if one group is being excluded from having access to you.
Let's be real, with your eclectic taste and out of the hood mentality it will be hard to find a "black" guy who wants to do things you like and not be "white" girl exclusive.
It is by far easier to be a black Man and getting a black woman to join you in these oh so few off center things we all love to do.

Saif Ullah

Saif U.


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Rodri F

Rodri F. @yellowkid

Some of those looks are totally great!

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Laura K

Laura K. @lauraannak


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Robert Washington

Robert W. @uniquestyle

Dope looks !

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Alena H.

Alena H. @neverdrinkturpentine

Come to Lollapalooza and Pitchfork in Chicago this summer :D

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Stéfi .M

Stéfi .. @larebelle


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Grace  Kendrick

Grace K. @blondiesstylefix

this is amazing! wow

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Miranda Luna

Miranda L. @siguiendolaluna

Lovely looks!

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Daniela Lazo Anduaga

Daniela L.


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M .

M .. @justmary

oh wow!!!so awesome!!:)

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Simon X

Simon X.

It looks extremely clean

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João Paulo T.

João Paulo T. @joaopauloteco

fucking awesome!

reply ·
Ina Øiestad

Ina Ø. @inaoiestad


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Tanya1 H

Tanya1 H. @fashion_rocks

I love this

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Lin .

Lin .. @linnn

love all

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Queenly Tan

Queenly T. @queenlytan

All gorgeous!!!

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Jessica R.

Jessica R. @hapatime

Dominique Nghiem ♥♥♥

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Jeline Catt

Jeline C. @jeline

Everyone looks amazing <3

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Jennifer  Lou

Jennifer L. @jloutorculas

so pretty ♥

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Island P

Island P. @islandshii

Nice styles. I like that self made shirt, haha.

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Naigrie Villanueva

Naigrie V. @naigrie


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Shahana Razak

Shahana R. @srazakk

such unique styles <3

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Dominique N.

Dominique N. @style2bones

yayy! omg me and bobby and my friends are the world <3

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June Biswas

June B. @junebiswas


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Mümmim Ëiëi

Mümmim Ë.

So nice <3

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Sofía Berro

Sofía B. @sofiberro

All the stylings look the same. There are only a few looks that I really thought were genuinely amazing. I'm definitely not trolling, it's just my opinion.

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Suzanne L

Suzanne L.

love all of their styles!

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Bàrbara Pucahuaranga Moreno

Bàrbara P. @puherock

wow hay fotos realmente muy divertidas y looks que tambièn estàn bacanes. chèvere, ha!

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♡ Mai Stor ♡

♡ Mai S. @stormia

Love it!!

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Seto El Kahfi

Seto E. @setoelkahfi

wawwwww :D

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Aira Beruin

Aira B. @thriftysoul

Totally love this! <3

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Joamar-John Canosa

Joamar-John C.

love it!

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Cindy Z

Cindy Z. @ceezee

wow it's looks like so much fun :) i wish i was there!

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Sandra Costa

Sandra C. @bysandracosta

i wish i was there... so bad...

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Belle Monde

Belle M. @bellemonde

Cochella fever Rising

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Slávek Kvasnycka

Slávek K.

Off sexy mode. :(

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