Levi's® x LB Contest Winners

In our latest Levi's x LB Contest, we asked you to show us how to style or customize the timeless Levi's® 501® jean and make it your very own. We received over 350 entries and were completely blown away by all your brilliant #DIY #501 creations and your original #501 #STYLE!

Now we're happy to announce the 6 winners chosen by Levi's to represent the LB community as Style/DIY Experts at the upcoming Levi's #501 Global Style Party in New York, São Paulo and Toronto!

Our ambassadors for the NYC #501 Global Style Party are…

Style Expert: A classic white-tee paired with Levi's 501's; Raimundo Hernandez drew style inspiration from iconic legends Jimmy D & Marlon Brando for this classic oldie but goodie look!

DIY Expert: Edward Honaker cuffed his Levi's 501's and customized them with a subtle floral-print fabric for a classy twist!

Our ambassadors for the São Paulo #501 Global Style Party are…

Style Expert: Adam Gallagher sports 501's-turned-berumuda's for a smart-casual summer look!

DIY Expert: Ashley Treece impressed us with her 501-turned-shorts embellished with beautiful fabric and a unique hand beaded design!

Our ambassadors for the Toronto #501 Global Style Party are…

Style Expert: A bold and gorgeous Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn styled her cropped Levi's 501's for a boho chic look!

DIY Expert: Elle F gives new life back into her favorite pair of 501's by adding a simple DIY polka-dot-print that's cute, fun and not at all overbearing!

A Message from Levi's:

"Congrats to all the winners and thank you to everyone who participated. We were so impressed by all your creative DIY ideas and your amazingly stylish outfits. It was impossible to choose favorites, but after much deliberation we decided on 6 outstanding takes on the 501® jean. Thanks so much to everyone who sent in their looks! It's not easy to come up with a unique look, so we really appreciate each and every one of you who submitted, and we hope that if you live near NYC, São Paulo or Toronto we'll get to see you come out and party with us!"

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming events—and congrats to our winners!


Jade A.

Jade A. @darknoisejade


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Emman Oli

Emman O. @emmanoli

congrats guys..

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Jeront Villagomez

Jeront V. @jeront

Wow, Congrats Adam!

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Virna Alyssa Cabuhat

Virna Alyssa C. @abbycabuhat

good job guys :*) Congratulations to all the winners !!!!

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KIKO C. @kikocagayat

but i think they deserve it =)

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Jim Dunlop

Jim D. @cdnsushi

Congratulations, winners!

That said, I do empathize with the feeling that such contests are more about popularity than the look itself. Ultimately, that will always be the case. Yes, you will have to be super-popular, have many fans on LB, and hypes by the hundreds. But that shouldn't be a shock to anyone.

Part of the fun in entering contests is just the fun of entering them... Did you REALLY expect to win? Do you think that every single runner in a marathon enters because they SERIOUSLY believe they will win? That would be a lot of disappointed people...

But I will say, that in general, I regard jeans as neither fashionable, nor original. To me, jeans are the quintessential "American uniform" no matter how you look at it. When you put on jeans, you're putting on the same thing as several million other people. The message above from Levis really even admits that:

"It's not easy to come up with a unique look,"

So while I didn't agree with ALL their choices of winners, I do think that some of the DIY entries deserve special credit for actually trying to turn a common, hu-hum, boring piece of clothing, into something more special. Ashley looks great, IMO!

I would love to see a contest that challenges people to turn their jeans into something completely unique, different, and transformational from their original form.

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Andy Null

Andy N. @andy

Hey guys - I work for LB and just want to say that we appreciate all your comments and read all of them.

Just to clarify - Levi's chose the ultimate winners of this contest, not the LB team. Also, the Style Experts were chosen based on the overall style of the look, not the DIY customization aspect. (And vice versa, the DIY Experts were chosen primarily based on their customizations.) See the contest info page for more detail on judging: lookbook.nu/contest/49/info

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Natalie Conkel

Natalie C. @natalieconkel

So happy Ashley Treece won!! I lovee her style and those shorts were genuinely awesome.

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Queenie Mae Tagupa

Queenie Mae T. @quetagupa

congratulations ! :)

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Shani B

Shani B. @shanibarhaim

Wow good job guys:)

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✞ tim Briagas

✞ tim B. @iamthin


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Mai Santos

Mai S. @dazzlingchic

They did a really good job :)) congrats guys :D

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Pratiwi A

Pratiwi A. @tiwiamoparamore

congratulations guys

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Susanna Vesna

Susanna V. @susanna_vesna

COngratulations to everyone! Great DIY! :D

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Alicia Chen

Alicia C. @styleinvasions


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Selina M

Selina M. @milady

I really like that Edward customised with floral cuffs, that's slightly more original

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