Fashion is not about money, fame or status. It's not about how many followers you have or your average amount of likes per post. It doesn't matter how many arbitrary awards you can rack up or how many parties, events or shows you can be invited to.

Fashion is about freedom, independence, and autonomy. It's about having the boldness to unapologetically be who you are and design your aesthetic and your lifestyle as you choose. It's about fearlessly developing yourself in all creative aspects, pushing your boundaries without reservation and discovering new ways to express yourself honestly. Personal style—like everything in life—is art, and art is creating something in the universe that no one else can.

Don't let anyone tell you that fashion is about anything else. Don't get caught up in the BS that permeates the fashion industry. Don't compromise. Be who you are, and let that be its own reward. Live, learn, and—most importantly—never quit!

Photo credit: Elle-May Leckenby