LOOKBOOK Trend: Pastel Outerwear

Baby blue, mint green and cotton candy pink are colors you typically see in spring color palettes, but we are loving the soft and beautiful pastel hues that bring new life to fall and winter outerwear! #PASTEL

Lisa Dengler is refreshing in an ice blue blazer. See the look.

Victoria Törnegren is pretty in pink! See the look.

Liria C. looks like a ray of sunshine in her "lemon sorbet" coat! See the look.

Levi Nguyen's heather gray coat isn't really pastel, but if black had a pastel this would be it! See the look.

Billie Rose wears an amazing textured pastel coat, we just want to snuggles with her! See the look.

Mayo Wo is sweet in this chunky knit mint green coat! See the look.

Martina M. is stunning in this baby blue fuzzy coat! See the look.

Nika H. pairs her pastel coat with perfect nude accessories! See the look.

Laura Allard-Fleischl shows us that pastels aren't always prissy! She keeps her outfit cool and laid back! See the look.


Jessica Luxe
I love love love this! Especially how it showcases all types of Lookbookers! <3
reply ·
Waters Riley
pastel :)
love it
reply ·
Selina M
Pastels can be worn all year round. Lilac, mint green and pale yellow are my favourites
reply ·
Kristina M
Love pastels :)
reply ·
Rouge S
can't go wrong with pastels
reply ·
Alice Cross
Victoria looks awesome! :)
reply ·
Patrycja K.
love it <3
reply ·
Mara Vinnaharry
agree! I just bought a cool pastel sweater for my next look :)
reply ·
Bibi  Bellatrixx
love love love pastels :)
reply ·
Yasmine  Williams
Pastel colors are the cutest colors of all...no matter what season it is :)
reply ·
Kayla DeChant
So delicate and pretty
reply ·
Ilianne M
love this!
reply ·
Izzy Wells
Pastels are so elegant X
reply ·
Naomi T
Love this trend!
Naomi, x
reply ·
Kinga Kisiela
Great trend! Love it <3
reply ·
Love it! Have used this as an inspiration for my new post!
reply ·
G. D.
great colors
reply ·
Brahim  Lahlafi
reply ·
Lo P ⚘
ooh! taking note of this! ^_^
reply ·
Jovy B
Love the pink coat!!! that's in my color palette always...
reply ·
Louisiane T
Pastel look so beautiful by wearing it!
reply ·
Dresiani Mareti
all gorgeous pastel!
reply ·
Lorelei P
So beautiful!
reply ·
Wytane  Au
I want one pastel coat too. It's too pretty <3
reply ·
Eryn G
amazing new trend i love it!!
reply ·
Eugène Marseille
Lovely colours.
reply ·
Sef Tiburcio
super love everything :)
reply ·
Zachary Davis
I love the looks, I just don't look good in pastels haha.
reply ·
Irene Gm
Awesome looks, i love so much these colors!
reply ·
Aline Fernanda Oliveira
^^ cute sets!
reply ·
The Glambition
lovely! ♥
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