spookbook x blackmilk halloween costume contest winners!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our SPOOKBOOK x Black Milk Halloween Costume Contest! As always we were blown away by the creativity of our community and selecting winners was a difficult task. With the help of our friends at Black Milk we've narrowed down the entries to 2 first place winners, 4 second place winners and 10 runner-up winners. Scroll down to see the list of winners or visit the contest page to see more info and all the entries!

First Place

Olivia Emily as Corpse Bride - Olivia went above and beyond with her DIY costume this year. She found a cheap corset on ebay, sewed on hand dyed foam flowers, created her own skirt and finished it all off with the perfect blue wig and makeup!

Bobby Raffin as Miley Cyrus - He’s “just casually twerking out on my wrecking ball like it’s no big deal!”

Second Place

Steffy Kuncman as a hot dog - Who can resist a friendly and adorable weenie sidekick?

Alexandra Ford as Edgar Allen Poe’s raven - Everything is handmade from the knit and feather dress to the beautiful plumed mask!

Elle-May Leckenby as a ghost consumed by greed - Be sure to read Elle-May’s haunting story about the fisherman’s wife who drowned at sea covered in jewels she refused to let go!

Melania Plasko as a ghoul - Melania is one of the most fashionable ghouls we have seen this halloween with her peplum bustier top, McQueen skull scarf and Black Milk x-ray leggings!

Runner Ups

Mc Kenneth Licon as Michael Jackson - Dressing up as the King of Pop isn’t just about the costume. We think Mc Kenneth nailed the King’s signature poses and style!

Martina Jurin as a taxidermy deer head - Switching places with something in an unfortunate disposition is often the subject of many nightmares. Here is one of Martina’s nightmares come to life.

Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn as Wednesday Adams - America’s favorite little goth girl!

Allen M. as Karl Lagerfeld - Karl Who you ask? Only a fashion god with his undeniable gift for styling, recognizable by his signature black and white color palette and slicked back gray ponytail!

Klaudia Klara as zombienosaur - Amazing handmade skeletal dinosaur costume!

Tali Levi as a Zabrak Sith Lord - The force is strong in this one, Sith Lord Tali's take on a corrupted Zabrak sends chills down our spines!

Jessica Luxe as a skeleton - “Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones.”

Renata C. as a possessed soul - The famous exorcist scene from the film!

Maane Ulv as an alluring siren - "The siren waits patiently on the rocky shores, ready to allure her next victim with her enchanting voice and her long luscious hair resembling the meadow fields - which she can never walk upon."

Elise Nedal as a Queen of cards - Each card on the skirt was glued on by hand!


Carlton W. Terry

Carlton W. T. @dcwttaoo1

They are awesome!

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Fani Gaytan

Fani G. @fanii

Congrats to everyone^^

reply ·
Kida Ella

Kida E.

Gorgeous selection!:)

reply ·
ChaCha Nisansala

ChaCha N. @theowlqueen

Wow!! :OOO Congrats to everyone!!

reply ·
Ella M

Ella M.


reply ·
Tina Booboo Tshangela

Tina Booboo T. @ribbons_on_ice

i really wanted bobby to win this but congratz to everyone!!!!!!!

reply ·
Marija M.

Marija M. @marijafalina

There are some very nice costumes amongst this selection!
Thanks for sharing.

reply ·
Marija M.

Marija M. @marijafalina

Awesome costumes, congrats!

reply ·
Ally Woozle

Ally W. @allyandwoozle

Congratulations to the winners!!! They deserve it ;)

reply ·
Katarzyna Kruszecka

Katarzyna K. @kkfashion

So Great !

reply ·
Leslie Wilson-Rutterford

Leslie W. @leslieworks

Fantabulous!! What fun!!

reply ·
Leonor Castro

Leonor C. @leonorcastro

AMAZING! Congratulations everyone :)

reply ·
Nivii Y

Nivii Y. @nivii

Wow love all the costumes! Congrats to you all. xx

reply ·
Christopher Hergovits

Christopher H. @ashdrimer

All of YouTube are Amazing !!!

reply ·
Abdrahim Vanet

Abdrahim V. @abdrahimvanet

Amazing ! Conra for eveyone selected <3

reply ·
Rose  Bermudo

Rose B. @annejangmi

Creativity reigns in them. Still in awe with their costumes.

reply ·
Line Hviid

Line H. @linehviid

Congrats!!! Amazing costumes!

reply ·
Colin C

Colin C.

Such imagination, fantastic! Love the looks, so wonderfully Halloween-esk!

reply ·
Joice Oliveira

Joice O. @proleoliveira

nossa lindos

reply ·
Loella L

Loella L. @loella

ALL of them are amazing. Congratulations!

reply ·
Tigar Chou

Tigar C. @tigar


reply ·
Kassia Felix

Kassia F. @kassiafelix


reply ·
Jessica Luxe

Jessica L. @jessicaluxe

thank you a million times, this was a wonderful contest <3

reply ·
Ceylaroux J.

Ceylaroux J. @ceylaroux_j

Amazing! So creative!

reply ·
Karim Rizki

Karim R. @karimrz

So Great !

reply ·
Allen M

Allen M. @allenation

thank you for choosing me as one of the winners/ runner-ups. Had fun doing my entry! :))

reply ·
Katarina  Vidic

Katarina V. @katiquette

Great choice, everyone is awesome!

reply ·
Dresiani Mareti

Dresiani M. @dresi

all amazing!

reply ·
G. D.

G. D.

good job everyone

reply ·
Alissa Kay

Alissa K. @princessalissa


reply ·
Adeayu Hadijah

Adeayu H. @adeayudeay

congraats for all the winner!!

reply ·
Selina M

Selina M. @milady

Some of these are truly amazing indeed

reply ·
Ikram Ben

Ikram B. @ikramben

just woooooow

reply ·
Brittany Rice

Brittany R. @fashblab258

I'm speechless. ! Everyone did such a great job ! Congrats !

reply ·
Martina Jurin

Martina J. @martinajurin

Thank you so much for choosing me as a winner :-)
♡ ♡

reply ·
Tamara Chloe

Tamara C. @tamarachloe

WOW they were all fantastic!!! such well deserved winners, congrats to you all!

reply ·
From Anna with love  fromannawithlove80

From Anna with love .

There were about 670 entries, I don't think they saw all of them :-( The winners are also the most hyped (sorry if I'm wrong) so someone who has 0-60 hypes had no chance......

reply ·
Ola Alabi

Ola A. @alabi

Congrats to all of them. Better luck to me next time :)

reply ·
Miss Qui

Miss Q. @msqui

Congrats to all that won. You deserve it. These are very creative and innovative costumes. I can only hope to have this kind of creativity next year! Great job winners

reply ·
Jason Su

Jason S. @jason


reply ·
Weronika Em

Weronika E. @nitabiti

I think everybody did such a great job! Congrats x

reply ·
Slávek Kvasnycka

Slávek K.


reply ·
Zane  Saria

Zane S. @glitteredcandy

Congrats :-)

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