We’re feeling a little bipolar these days. The holidays are here and that calls for much cheer! Yay! Oh yea…crap, what do we wear to that dinner party thing? The way we see it, we have some options. We can do the ugly sweater thing OR clean up nicely! If you’re into getting fancy, check out our favorite holiday outfit inspiration for guys and girls!

Darya Kamalova is a fairytale winter princess! We love her feminine dress and accessories to match! See the look.

Jennifer Grace is perfection in this elegant gold and black halter dress! See the look.

Depending on where you live, you may never see a white winter! Do like Olivia Lopez in sunny LA and wear a vibrant color that matches your glowing tan. Love the asymmetric cut of her dress! See the look.

Aileen Belmonte is sweet in lace black and white monochrome stripes! See the look.

Aksinya Air wears a beautiful gold embellished dress with flowers in her hair! See the look.

Ella Catliff is festive in a sophisticated red and green color scheme! See the look.

Victoria M. is radiant in her silver sequin bustier jumpsuit! See the look.

Nadja Seale is a boho beauty in this glittering boho ice blue dress! See the look.

Adrian Cano is party ready in his black and white tuxedo! See the look.

Mike Quyen is looking dapper in a plaid blazer and lively red scarf! See the look.

Edward Honaker has perfected the art of wearing a suit! See the look.

Matthias Cornilleau spruces things up with a cute and colorful bowtie! See the look.

Ben Galbraith throws back to the 50s with a skinny tie and slicked back hairdo! See the look.

Adam Gallagher is just plain sexy in his texture black suit and suave attitude. See the look.

Nigel Lew's all black styling is clean and sophisticated. See the look.