Holiday Gift Guide: Yuri Lee

Lookbook founder Yuri Lee loves to get creative! Books and her iPad are a must for inspiration, and she needs the right supplies to get crafty. Let's not forget the importance of looking good too!

Click on the numbers to see more details!


Matthias Cornilleau

Matthias C. @stylnoxe

Great list Yuri :)

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Jeff Me

Jeff M. @x

love 1. and 2.! 'can't live without them :)

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Yuri Lee

Yuri L. @yuri

Thanks guys! :P

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Younesse Parker

Younesse P. @younesseparker

Nice ♥' :)

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Christina Black

Christina B. @fashionadoremiss

Very nice mix!

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Romantic Girl

Romantic G. @romantiic

loove 1 , 2 & 3 <3 Nice ..

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Hoda K

Hoda K. @hodak

This is so adorable!
I actually just put together a socially-responsible gift guide which my readers seemed to really enjoy!
Happy Holidays!

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Aibina  Yeshkeyeva

Aibina Y. @aibina

So nice!

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