Make the most of this Valentine’s holiday regardless of your relationship status! There are ways to spend it with your best friends or significant other that are more meaningful than expensive flowers and candy hearts. Here are four date ideas (for the unattached masses as well) and outfit pairings for you to make it a red-letter day.

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Rally your single friends or invite your crush out to a concert or a show. It’s casual, noncommittal, and most importantly: fun. Appropriate clothing includes: your favorite band tee and cool biker jackets. Where there’s music and dancing, there’s possibility!

Lua P. in a rocked out look.

Christoph S. wearing a cool moto jacket.

Come up with an awesome couples’ to-do list together. Here are a few ideas to start you off: teach each other how to skateboard, sing a duet at karaoke and travel the world…OK let’s start small. Check something off the list while you’re at it! Girls, welcome this opportunity to slip into his favorite sweater (what’s his is yours!), and guys, be ready for anything with a comfortable yet classic outfit!

Nadia E. looking cute in an oversized boyfriend sweater.

Edward H. is ready for anything in a laid back outfit.

Skip the overcrowded restaurant and cook together! There’s a so much joy in dancing in the kitchen and making a meal for somebody you care about. Light a few candles, put some music on to set the mood (I like Jim Morrison or The XX) and make sure chocolate-covered strawberries are on the menu. Girls, dress it up with a wrap dress that drapes nicely over your curves! Guys, accessorize with a festive red pocket square. Spills may happen while cooking, so don’t forget those aprons!

Intrigue is sweet and sexy in this pink wrap dress.

Chris N. is festive with his red accent accessories!

Pack a snack and go out for a romantic romp in nature! It’s the simple things in life, like watching the sunset over a fantastic view, that reminds us love is everywhere. When planning your outfit, keep in mind that transitional weather is unpredictable so wear versatile layers that don’t weigh you down, like a puffer vest or a denim jacket. Add some personality to your off-duty look with leather accessories or a knit cap.

Alyssa L. is ready for a day of adventures!

Peter A. is the picture of cuteness in this demin jacket outfit!