FW14 NYFW Highlight: Romance

Romance was in the air at New York Fashion Week, but it wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies. We saw two kinds of romantic styles: the innocent and the dark.

While there were common themes between the two types of romance, like the use of light chiffon fabrics and floral prints, the innocent collections featured sweet blush tones where the counterpart comprised of blacks and deep shades.

Click on the banners to see the collections!


Wildfox took us back to the 19th century English countryside with their collection titled “Sense and Eccentricity” inspired by Jane Austen. One of our favorites was a sigh worthy “Mrs. Darcy” graphic tee.

Milly’s designer Michelle Smith was inspired by ballerinas for her Fall collection. Seen amongst the collection were airy tulle skirts and simple chord bows like ones seen on ballet slippers.

In the 1920’s young independent women came to New York to seek new jobs in the city. But these innocent girls, including starlet Grace Kelley, needed protection from the dangers of the big city and found it at the ultra exclusive boarding house, the Barbizon Hotel for Woman. Erin Fetherston’s collection titled “Charmed, I’m Sure,” inspired by the the Barbizon, is very charming indeed! We loved the feminine and flirty silhouettes, perfect for the young lady with stars in her eyes!


Charlotte Ronson’s collection tells the story of a cryptic and cute woman compelled by mystery and darkness. Ronson’s protagonist-muse is creative, smart, just a little bit spooky, and a hopeless romantic, as evidenced by the flower prints throughout the collection: poppies on plush velvet and tangles of rose print on crepe.

Donna Karan’s collection was a tribute to the city that made her: New York. The favorites from her collection were the chiffon gowns in dark tones with stunning angular silhouettes.

Alice and Olivia’s fairy tale collection was inspired by the illustrated pop-up books of Benjamin Lacombe. The designer Stacey Bendet even wrote her own fairy tale called "Enchanted: The Search for the Golden Monarch." The collection is dark and sexy, with strong tones of Victorian styling.


Antoneta Anto
WoW Love these! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Naji  Akibi
Damn looooooooove
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Laghzale Hamza
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This is why I Lovvvvvvvvvvvve fashion!!
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Lukas Kirdzik
Very Sweet (:
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Jaycelyn Yñiere
I love everything in here
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very inspiring :)
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Despoina Nancy Samiotaki
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Eve Lewis
So beautiful, love it!
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Marry L
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Rebecca Ann
All designs are amazing! Donna takes the cake!
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Pernilla H
So excited
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Samantha Darmento
Alice and olivia's are my favorite. Helplessly gorgeous!
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All. So. Beautiful. Brings a whimsical smile to my face.
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