We were dazzled by the use of crystals in collections showcased during New York fashion week. Crystals were used to add extra decadent affects to already glamorous shapes and fabrics, evoking a nostalgia for the glittering eras of of the past.

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The Alon Livné collection evokes themes from George Melford’s epic silent film, “The Sheik,” treating themes of early imperialism in Morocco, when the privileged of the world - and their beautiful daughters - journeyed across the sea, armed with trousseaus, on an oceanic pursuit of culture and romance. Livné takes dimension back to the garment, reviving his fascination with art-nouveau and organic-shell-like shapes, now interpreted into elaborate hand-embroidery and intricate beading. Beaded gasses dripping like icicles swirl around silken sleeves; hand-joined Swarovski crystal headpieces net an elaborate cap; sumptuous silks in shades of rich mauve, amethyst, royal blue and cloud evoke an exquisite meditative state.

Jenny Packham’s collection was inspired by a 1970’s Bianca Jagger. The darling of New York society, often photographed in flowing one-shoulder gowns, silk kaftans and jumpsuits, Bianca epitomized the ease and opulence of evening wear at the time and juxtaposed the fluid fashions of the era with structured tailored suits, exotic turbans and decadent jewelry. Effortlessly elegant, draped silk satins in soft caramel, bluebird blues and rose pinks, contrast with sleek silhouettes of 70’s chic metallic filter tulle and Swarovski scattered mesh lace.

For Fall 2014, nature was referenced as the starting point for the Noon by Noor collection. The beautiful colors and unique markings in minerals and crystals inspired the designers to look at patterns ground in the natural environment. Cloud formations, crystalline structures and geometric patterns seen in minerals are translated into the brand’s signature prints.