It's clear that music and fashion are closely connected. We wanted to explore this bond by getting a first hand account of how music influences British singer and Lookbooker Arlissa Ruppert's love for fashion. Arlissa first came to fame when she was discovered by Nas for her musical talents and later went on to record a track with Nas and sign with the same manager as Rihanna. Read on for the interview!

What about fashion interests you and how do fashion and music influence each other?
I’ve always found writing and singing has always made me feel incredible. Singing seriously de-stresses me, it’s a real release which makes me feel great. I feel like fashion does the exact same thing. When I’m putting an outfit together that I love, it makes me feel confident and happy. Music and Fashion have always put a smile on my face.

What do you love about LOOKBOOK?
I’ve followed LOOKBOOK for a while now, I’d always use it to get fashion inspo off other members. It feels good having my own page where others can see my own style, it feels even better seeing all the lovely feedback. Everyone’s so friendly!

What does the fashion landscape of London look like right now?
Beautiful. There are also no rules; our clothes are as diverse as our city.

What advice would you give someone visiting London for the first time?
I’m always the worst person to recommend anything, it’s a pretty small city, but stunningly beautiful, just grab a tube map and go where the wind takes you. There are treasures everywhere.

You’ve collaborated with music giants like Nas - who would be your dream fashion collaboration?
I have too, too many, I love Marchesa, Zac posen, Elie Saab, Alexander Wang. God I could go on forever. What I love most about the first 3 are how beautifully feminine the cuts are, the fabrics and shapes are to die for…Alexander Wang brings this incredible edge, I love how he uses dark tones and makes them stand out and his shoes are to die for.

The one item every person should splurge on in their closet is:
A beautiful winter coat, it seems to be our longest season so you’ll get the most wear out of it!

Which fashion rule do you break?
I saw a girl wear Nike basketball socks with Celine sandals the other day…definitely going to do that.

When styling an outfit, what dictates what you’re going to wear?
Good question, I’m not really sure. Probably my mood mostly, If I’m heading to the studio, I’ll always wear comfy clothes…imagine trying to write while your tummy’s going cray over a too tight belt and having to retake an awesome vocal because your bracelets made too much noise? No thank you.

What is your favorite thing on a guy?
I prefer guys to wear understated clothing, nothing beats a man with tousled hair, a nice t-shirt and some stubble to match.

The most treasured item in your closet is:
My two silver bracelets I wear every day from two very special people in my life. They’re in all my LOOKBOOK photos.

We’ve seen the native-warrior-goddess Arlissa in the Sticks & Stones video, the t-shirt and jeans Arlissa in the Into the Light video, but what does the Sunday afternoon Arlissa look like?
Sunday afternoon Arlissa looks awful, in the words of Drake, "sweatpants, hair tied chilling with no makeup on," but it's definitely not when I’m the prettiest.

What song is the anthem to your style?
I think I love too many songs to have a particular anthem. If I did, it wouldn’t stay long…I constantly change my mind on everything, including my outfit 3 times a day. :/

Quick Round:

Sneakers or Stilettos? Stilettos
Satchel or Clutch? Clutch
Pants or Skirt? Skirt
Snapback or Fedora? Fedora
Nude lip or Red lip? Nude lip
Beach Waves or Bun? Beach waves

Watch Arlissa's single Into the Light: