Paris has always had a fascinating energy - an extraordinary yet delicate city - the champagne flute of fashion capitals. The atmosphere was, in that very essence, celebratory. While bloggers buzzed about Louis Vuitton creative director Ghesquière's letters and his classy toast to Marc Jacobs, other guests went for a "shopping spree" at Chanel's ostentatious supermarché, joining in on Karl and Cara's pragmatist joke towards the commerciality and fetishism of modern fashion.

This season was all shimmer and sparkles, with the youthful vitality and color so quintessential to the beloved city of lights. There was a cocktail of private college prep infused with that simple yet refined Parisian taste. We saw refreshing and pretty trends of schoolgirl chic, metallic sparkle & sequins and tangerine & navy. Let us know your favorite bon chic, bon genre picks below.

The slightly rebellious, too cool for schoolgirl look encompasses all you would expect from the French femme fatale. Edgy and charming, these ladies sport A-line capes and Peter Pan collars over high-waist dresses and abbreviated hemlines for daytime before getting decked out in sparkling frocks and bejeweled Mary Janes for parties at night. This look was one of the most popular in Paris, envisioned in a variety of ways from the likes of Louis Vuitton, St. Laurent, Valentino and Kenzo.

Rich brocades, shimmery metallics and animal print lamés mirror the opulence of one of the first European cities known to literally "light up" its central avenue - the Champs De Élysées. From Dries Van Noten, Chanel, Kenzo and St. Laurent, we see understated glitz, subtle enough to not be overdone, yet pretty enough to turn a head, not too unlike the inhabitants of the city itself.

For color palettes, we loved seeing the unique pairings of bold, adventurous tangerine balanced with the confident tranquility of navy blue from the designers at Dries Van Noten, Kenzo, Sacai, Valentino and Chanel. There's no better place than the center of art and enlightenment for the color of optimism and creativity to merge with that of idealism and hope. Inspiring!