We first met Rai when he won our Levis 501 contest and flew out from Australia to party with the LOOKBOOK team in New York. In getting to know this awesome guy, we found out that he started his own clothing label Acid Reign. We loved what he was doing and knew he could teach us a thing or two about the process of screen printing. Here is Ray's step-by-step on how to print a custom jersey. Enjoy!

Rai's story:
Growing up as a kid, fashion was always of interest to me, and with age, I began to develop a love for it; not only for the clothes, but the ability to express and present myself. I left high school at the age of 17, and by 18, I had already been through 5 career paths, but yet, I was never satisfied with my lifestyle, nor the work I was doing. It was at this point in time I stumbled upon my 6th job at a local screen-printing factory. During this journey, I met Joel, my current business partner, who shared very similar interests to me. As time passed, it was no longer about the weekly paychecks, I became passionate about my job, and for the first time, I felt a sense of direction. Joel and I would often joke about developing our own fashion label, but months later, that joke became reality. 3 years on, we are very proud owners of ‘ACID REIGN’, and although the label is still a work in progress, every day is a step closer to turning my dream into a reality.

1. Positioning film for screen

2. Exposing film to burn onto screen

3. Washing out screen to unveil exposed image

4. Setting up screen for printing

5. First stroke of printing ink through the screens mesh

6. Gently lifting screen to check print /flash print

7. Heat drying image for second and final print

8. Printing second and final print passes

9. Placing shirt in tunnel dryer to cure ink

10. Catching garment from tunnel dryer and allowing to cool down

11. Finished garment ready to be worn & styled :)