Click photo above for more inspiration. Photo by Elle R.

What better way to celebrate spring and summer than to wear flowers in your hair! And there's no easier way to do this than by creating a pretty and easy floral crown you can wear over and over again. Just follow the instructions below and soon you'll feel just like a spritely creature on a midsummers day!

Supplies needed for this project include: fake flowers, floral tape, decorative floral wire, wire cutters and pliers.

1. Wrap the decorative floral wire around your head to measure for size and add a few inches. Make a cut with wire cutters.

2. Form a crown with the decorative floral wire and wrap the extra wire around securely. You can use pliers to help you shape the wire.

3. Separate the flowers by either pulling or cutting them from their stems.

4. Place the flowers on the wire crown and secure with floral tape.

5. Continue adding flowers around the crown until you're happy with what you have. We only added flowers to the front of the crown.

6. You can mix and match different kinds of flowers to create more elaborate crowns.

7. We made a few different crowns to share with our friends, and we hope you will too!

Photo credit: Irene Hsu of Superflat