As a response to the never-ending treadmill of fast fashion, BFFs Dani Roche and Bianca Venerayan of Kastor & Pollux thought it smart to slow things down a bit and show us that style and individuality need not be sacrificed in doing so. For this reason, they designed the GAEA collection. Rooted in sustainability, all pieces are made from eco-friendly bamboo jersey and are locally produced (in this case, by the charming duo themselves!).

Well-designed and timeless, every piece is practical and stylish enough to wear for nearly any kind of day or occasion. In fact, our favorite “pseudo-twins” decided to test out this theory by wearing the exact same convertible dress for 2 weeks straight, and styling it in 30 different ways! It just goes to show that with a touch of creativity, a versatile item like this can really go a long way.

Here are 4 of our favorite pairs from the experiment (see the full stories here!), with Dani starring in black and Bianca modeling the grey, and an extra special treat at the bottom of this article!

Uptown Style

Perfect for date night, dining out or anything that requires getting a little fancy! Throw on a metallic or animal print coat for insta-glam like Dani or slip into something sheer and embroidered for a softer, more feminine look.

Downtown Hip

That downtown street-style is ideal for hitting up the town, whether it’s scoping cool urban landscapes or checking out the latest live music scene. Add on a bomber jacket with statement accessories, like Dani’s deconstructed bag, or experiment with some creative layering.

Fun & Funky

Some clever styling is all you need to become the conversation topic at the hottest new art gallery opening or trend-conscious fashion event. Toss on an artsy geometric print or accessorize with some one-of-a-kind accessories like Dani’s peppered mohair coat or Bianca’s perfume-graphic bag.

Just Chillin'

For those days when you’re not doing much except lounging around and want to go for that “effortless chic” look, a large comfy knit will keep you cozy, creative and cute. Bianca’s bandana and dangly earrings add a playful feel, great for hanging with friends or perusing your local flea market.

All 30 Looks