As part of the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, we invited a few of our Lookbookers to share with us about the ultimate icon – for life, style, health, relationships and career – their moms. This series will be about the clothes we wear, the gifts we share and the unique stories that are so special and rare in that one-of-a-kind mother-daughter relationship.

Part I of our series is brought to you by Lookbooker Isabella Thordsen, writer and photographer for her style blog in London. See her Instagram here.

“Compared to other families, we don’t do anything too extravagant on Mother’s Day. But if there’s one thing I've learned growing up, it’s that we remember to appreciate one another every day. Our family is very good at reminding each other of that, always sharing how much we mean to one another and helping each other out whenever in need. But Mother’s day is an incredibly special day and it’s a time when I personally have to get better at showing my mom how much I love her.

My mom and I – we have a special bond that continues to grow stronger over the years. She is like my best friend and knows everything about me. We don’t hide anything from each other. We also have the same minimalistic style (and she is a very stylish woman!). Since she lives in Denmark and I, London, I try to keep in contact with her almost every other day with a small text, phone call or Snapchat."

The lovely Isabella in Mother’s Day attire.

Isabella’s beautiful mom. There’s definitely style passed down in these genes.

Coffee for two!

"I know she adores flowers, so since I’m unable to be there to give them to her this year, I ordered beautiful roses to be delivered to her home. When I do see her, I plan to take her on a long, cozy walk by the ocean and then to a cute street café and enjoy a good coffee, sharing about life and simply enjoying our time together. It’s a tradition we love to do.

To end the day, I’ll cook an amazing dinner for her and my family and give her the day off to just relax and enjoy our company. This gives me great pleasure, as I learned everything I know in the kitchen from her. She’s an incredible woman with fabulous cooking skills and an even more wonderful heart. For gifts, I usually give her a beautiful ring, a blazer, sandals, a necklace, a good book - or something I know she has been talking about for a while.

My mom is the best and she deserves to know that every single day, and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for me to show her, in my own special way, how much I love her.”

Isabella’s Mother’s Day Essentials.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below about your ideal Mother’s Day. What are some things you do to make this day extra special for your mother (or mother figure) in your life?