As part of the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, we invited a few of our Lookbookers to share with us about the ultimate icon – for life, style, health, relationships and career – their moms. This series will be about the clothes we wear, the gifts we share and the unique stories that are so special and rare in that one-of-a-kind mother-daughter relationship.

Part II of our series is brought to you by Lookbooker Elle-May Leckenby, a lover of nature, style and the ocean. She has a photography and style blog, and resides along the seaside coast of Australia. Since Mother’s Day falls in autumn for the locals here, Elle’s choices appropriately reflect the season’s palette of warm, cozy, slightly rugged yet stylish items.

Cute blue plaid outfit - like mother, like daughter!

Throwback photo of the adorable Elle-May and her beautiful mother!

Mother's day comes in Autumn in Australia, as a child we would always go for Sunday drives into the country or mountains and have picnics, when the windy days start to come it reminds me of these memories. My mother has always supported me creatively and she has definitely passed down to me her good taste in quality things. We both love fine chocolate and cheeses, also both often go for long drives together furniture shopping or just looking at open houses. Here is a mix of things that remind me of spending time with her :)

Elle-May's Mother’s Day Essentials.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below about your ideal Mother’s Day. What are some things you do to make this day extra special for your mother (or mother figure) in your life?