As part of the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, we invited a few of our Lookbookers to share with us about the ultimate icon – for life, style, health, relationships and career – their moms. This series will be about the clothes we wear, the gifts we share and the unique stories that are so special and rare in that one-of-a-kind mother-daughter relationship.

Part III of our series is brought to you by Lookbooker Jenny Tsang, editor of the fashion & style blog Tsangtastic in Los Angeles. Her essentials are fresh, hip and edgy, not too unlike her star-studded native city.

A stunning Jenny Tsang in her Mother’s Day outfit.

“I can never be more thankful and blessed to have a best friend for a lifetime, someone who will always have my back under any circumstance, who continuously gives me positive energy, listens to every word I need to say, and has influenced my sense of fashion since a very young age – that’s my mom.

As I grow older, I learn to appreciate her all the more and, as we live in different cities now, to particularly treasure every moment that we can we spend together. It’s a blessing to have that one person who understands me more than I understand myself. I moved to Los Angeles a year ago for career purposes, and being the only child, it was hard for her to let me go. She lives in Sacramento, so we are about 400 miles away. We text each other all the time, sharing every little thing – a picture of our lunches, a sweater we’re contemplating to purchase or even just a few words like saying good night.”

Jenny’s sweet family photo, with her effortlessly stylish mom.

Jenny’s Mother’s Day Essentials.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below about your ideal Mother’s Day. What are some things you do to make this day extra special for your mother (or mother figure) in your life?