As April showers make way for longer summer hours, it comes time to freshen up the old basics. But you don’t need to break the bank or double your wardrobe in order to do so. By taking scissors to fabric (and not much else), the talented Kryz Uy of Thirsty Thought shows us how to extend the shelf life of our favorite t-shirts – making the transition into warmer weather that much easier.

It can be a nostalgic one that brings back memories of that incredible concert or unforgettable festival experience, or an old shirt with a cool logo that needs a little tinkering to look just right. Kryz decided to use a few from the Sinulog Street Festival – a popular annual celebration held in her hometown of Cebu City in the Philippines. See below for a condensed tutorial on how she made 2 different shirts (the V-neck crop top and braided back racer) from one kind of tee!

The V-Neck Crop Top

1. A basic tee with a highly placed logo and more white space on the lower half works best.

2. Cut out the sleeves and collar of the shirt, and then the middle straight down to create a flap.

3. Flip to the back and cut horizontally across the middle.

4. After cutting off the front hem, cut the sides of the front of the shirt to create a tie bottom.

5. Tie the two flaps together and you are ready to go. Crop tops are a hit for spring and summer!

The Braided Back Racer

1. Any kind of tee with a cool graphic in front will work.

2. Cut off the sleeves and collar.

3. Flip to the back, cut out a deeper curve on the sleeves and then cut 1/3rd of the back section through horizontally.

4. Cut the lower portion into 3 strips.

5. Braid and tie, and then tie the top portion to the braid.

6. Voila!

Check out more tutorials here and here. Don’t forget to show off these newly crafted creations (and upload your looks on Lookbook) for your next outdoor summer event! Also check out this collection to see statment t-shirts perfect for upcycling!