Internationally renown as the “Olympics of the Art World,” Art Basel first set its sights on conquering the Asia-Pacific creative scene when merging with ART HK in 2013. As one of the most prestigious art fairs in the world, its presence not only heightened the burgeoning creative renaissance taking place in the port-city of Hong Kong, but positioned the city to become a major player in the billion-dollar art market. This year’s collection featured artwork from over 39 countries, solidifying its reputation as a premiere destination for both art and fashion, and attracting a myriad of patrons, designers and brands from the art, luxury and street wear industries around the world.

The fair took place May 15 - 18, opening with artist Carsten Nicolai’s α (alpha) pulse lighting up the Victoria Harbour from the International Commerce Centre (Hong Kong’s most striking and impressive tower), and British artist Tracy Emin’s My Heart is With You Always being sketched onto the surface of a 30-story Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon with silky neon lights.

At times like these, we ponder of the old adage of art imitating life (or vice versa, as Oscar Wilde puts it), and discover there is indeed an intimate connection between the two. We’ve curated our own collection of imagery contributed by our Lookbook members, each inspired by pieces of artwork from the show.

Fireworks – The Clearing by Johan Creten, Gallerie Perotin (2013). Look by Nadja Seale.
Object Yellow Box by Takesada Matsutani (1975). Look by Daria Cimoroni.
Flora by Natasha Bieniek. Look by Violet El.
Peony by Natasha Bieniek. Look by Beata K.
The Burghers by Atelier Van Lieshout, Gallerie Krinzinger (2013). Look by Haru Wilde.
Direction 122 by Kohei Nawa, SCAI The Bathhouse (2014). Look by Luna Nova.
Musicians by Kei Imazu, Yamamoto Gendai (2013). Look by Mikko Puttonen.
Bruusd Polotin by Ivan Seal, Carl Freedman Gallery (2014). Look by Kryz Uy.
Plane_Squid by Yusuke Komuta, SCAI The Bathhouse (2013). Look by Cosette Munch.
Untitled by Yunhee Min, Gallerie Krinzinger (2014). Look by Lan Choi.
The Red Smile by Alex Katz (1963). Look by Cosette Munch.
Fox no. 1 by Alex Katz. Look by Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn.