If you're huge Disney fans like us, the Maleficent film has been on your radar for a while now. One of the most regal and terrifying Disney villains reimagined into a live action character, played by none other than Angelina Jolie, has us curious for one thing. What's in this dark fairy's wardrobe? Rob Goodman, one of the designers brought in to work on the Maleficent costume, says, "We wanted to steer away from some of the clichés that you can sometimes get in fantasy films, and make her attractive, yet scary and relevant.” Get ready for exotic skins and bone, body armor, lots of black and of course the iconic high gothic collar.

Catch a glimpse of Maleficent's stunning costumes below (photos courtesy of Walt Disney Studios) and our favorite LOOKBOOK picks inspired by film. Be sure to catch the film in theaters starting May 30, 2014!

Cissy Zhang adorns herself with luxe feathers, reminiscent of Maleficent's powerful wings.

The natural color and elegant movement of Elle-May's dress are themes throughout Maleficent's wardrobe.

Furs and snake were some of the exotic materials used to accent Maleficent's costumes.

FrouFrouu N in a similar golden dress as Maleficient, just a bit more suitable for real life.

Arabella G. is breathtaking in this feathered cape and enchanting dark dress!

Olivia Emily is stunning in this head to toe black chiffon ensemble.