With summer right around the corner, we can turn again to the movies for hot weather fashion inspiration! I'm taking a closer look at the fashion (from the 50s and 60s to the 2000s) in five different movies that are near and dear to my heart: Gidget Goes Hawaiian, Dr. No, The Sandlot, Now and Then and Almost Famous. These films feature a variety of different looks that anyone could draw inspiration from. Add these to your Netflix queue and get inspired!

Gidget Goes Hawaiian | 1961

See more inspiration here. Photo credit: Senoel S.

In addition to all of the beautiful swimwear and day and evening dresses on display, this film is also full of amazing variations of menswear, from suit jackets to casual beach clothes. I can’t get enough of these costumes!

Dr. No | 1962

See more inspiration here. Photo credit: Jessica Ricks.

The film that introduced us to Sean Connery’s James Bond is also the film that gave us Ursula Andress in that white bikini – brainchild of costume designer Tessa Welbon. Gorgeous! And how good does Sean Connery look in that blue polo, not to mention his famous tuxedos? This particular Bond film takes place in Jamaica, showing us that even on a hot summer night, glamour is always an option.

The Sandlot | 1993

See more inspiration here. Photo credit: Peter Adrian.

From the boys’ baseball tees, cuffed jeans and Converse, to Wendy Peffercorn’s red swimsuit, this film (styled by costume designer Grania Preston) is full of the carefree comfortable clothes of summer.

Now and Then | 1995

See more inspiration here. Photo credit: Savannah Marie Aaron.

This movie, styled by costume designer Deena Appel, is a staple for many girls of the 90s. While the outfits of their adult counterparts aren’t anything to look twice at (yikes!), there’s a youthful and breezy quality to the clothes worn by the young teens, with fun patterns, crop tops, and lots of color.

Almost Famous | 2000

See more inspiration here. Photo credit: Oliver Taylor.

Coachella may have come and gone, but the warmer weather months are a great time to revisit festival fashion. A product of Betsy Heimann’s work in Almost Famous, Penny Lane and the “band aids,” as well as the band Stillwater, are eye candy in fringe, fur, leather, embroidered and patterned shirts and band tees.

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