Fashion plays the role of transforming who you are to the world on a daily basis, and Cosplay takes it to a whole new level. As multi-dimensional beings – a spectrum of thoughts, emotions and personalities (depending on which day you catch us on!) – living life as a character is just another form of self-expression that we find to be a fascinating and intriguing practice.

With the Anime Expo coming up on July 3rd at the Los Angeles Convention Center (look out for Zoë, Essy and the Lookbook team), we thought it’d be just the right time to share some of our favorite Cosplay and Lolita looks. Short for “costume play,” the style is mainly derived from manga, anime, comics, video games or films. Adopting the character’s physical attributes and personality traits can lead to an eye-opening journey of self-discovery or simply a fun, yet challenging, experience. Most notably, the Cosplay subculture is one of the main influences for Japanese street fashion today.

Get in touch with your own animated side by exploring our favorite selections from the site!

Beautiful lumière themed lolita dress made by Cyril Lumboy of Doll Delight!

Adorable night sky themed lolita outfit by Laura Dambremont.

A chobits cosplay almost entirely handmade by Zoë Deluge!

I see a London rockin' lolita! Another amazing outfit by Cyril Lumboy of Doll Delight!

Modern-day damsel in distress Essy waits to be rescued in bubble gum pink!

Inspired by J-Rocker, Bobbyʼs Anime Expo outfit “unleashed his inner alter ego Dante Straight.”

A dark and grunge twist on a beloved anime character Chibiusa from Sailor Moon by Andréa Frisk!

Andre Judd certainly has a passion for couture, and there's no stopping his creativity when he is inspired by the ninjas of Naruto's Hidden Leaf village!

Amazing attention to Yuki's Bittersweet Lulu cosplay from League of Legends!

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