It’s been a 17-year wait but the animated series that has caught the hearts of young sailor scouts worldwide is finally here! The new Sailor Moon Crystal premieres July 5, 2014 on Japanese streaming video service Niconico Douga with 10 subtitles (including English) or on Hulu and Neon Alley for North Americans. Lookbook style blogger Ashlei Louise, an avid devotee of the animated series, couldn’t be more excited. In the spirit of this new era in Anime, we asked her to give us a quick refresher course on each of the main characters and share with us how she’ll be celebrating the return of these long-beloved superwomen this weekend!

“When it comes to 90's cartoons, Sailor Moon was an absolute essential. All for the glory of the sailor suited solider, I'd find myself skipping afternoon locker hang-outs in middle school just to rush home for its 4pm time slot. So you can imagine my glee (and the unanimous glee of countless Sailor Moon aficionados the world round) when I heard the announcement of a brand new adaptation, set to air on July 5th!

To celebrate, I put together a few Sailor Moon themed outfits and prepared a viewing party at my best friend’s house for us, and all of our closest die-hard ‘Moonie’ friends.

The sailor-suited outfits are rockin, but let’s face it—super heroine attire isn’t suited for everyday wear. Here’s two looks that are Sailor Moon inspired, translated into some more modern trends. I first opted for a Neo Queen Serenity inspired look. I’d explain who the character is, but it might be a spoiler. Wait—do spoilers even exist for a show from 1992? Go watch it already!

Neo Queen Serenity is represented as wearing an empire waist floor length gown, a crown atop her head, and very delicate jewelry. To pay homage to this, while fitting in with the summer season, I decided on an empire waist lace maxi with a gold head chain to mimic her crown—and don’t forget the silver crescent moon necklace!

A single wrist pearl is classy, delicate and elegant. It also mimics the sphere-shaped accents of Sailor Moon.

For the second look, rather than directly mimicking an outfit a character wears in the TV show, I went with a look where I could show off something pictorially. My Romwe sweatshirt was perfect for this. I repeated the same crescent moon necklace, and gave myself tiny “meatball-head” buns!

To prepare for the premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal, I felt it was an opportune time to re-read and re-watch some of the old manga and VHS’ from my collection from the 90’s. As for our viewing party, I prepared some vanilla cupcakes and decorated them with the symbols of one of Sailor Moon’s transformation lockets, and went to the local Asian grocer for a boatload of tasty snacks.

Clips from Sailor Moon Crystal

Whether you're a new Sailor Moon fan, an old one, or haven't even heard of it before, the new re-launch is definitely worth checking out. Moon, Prism, POWER!”

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