There are few better places in the world to show off your latest “high modernism” look than the very original Art Basel, held in the city of Switzerland’s only cargo port, during the latter days of June. Courtesy of our Swiss native art-correspondent Philippe Girard, we have a behind-the-scenes look at some of the coolest street style outfits seen at the prestigious European art fair.

Inspired by the international, modernist art scene, attendees showed off minimalist silhouettes, elongated skirts, crop tops and printed jumpers in muted, monochromatic and neutral colors. The art and fashion worlds are eternally intertwined, so we hope these pop-art looks get your juices flowing in whatever medium you enjoy creating with the most!

White accents border the colorful print on this young lady’s dress, much like the wall behind her.

An elegant woman’s jumper adds a pop of color to this street-inspired art piece.

You can’t go wrong with color-block neutrals or unisex wear at a modernist art fair.

Philippe styles his monochromatic black on black with orange and grey – the color of creativity.

Purple hair looks good on this girl! We’re seeing plenty of crop tops paired with high-low skirts and platforms coming back for pre-Fall.

Style never ages. This man isn’t afraid to be bold in an all-white monochromatic suit à la 1930’s.

Stay tuned for more on the artwork displayed in an upcoming post! In the meanwhile, you can check out Philippe’s blog here!

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