Great art is pure and simple in its expression of the collective unconscious – a symbolic representation of the current state in which we look at the world. Like a snapshot in time, the trends we see in art – and fashion – serve as a reflection mirroring our collective psyche, whether that is our growing fascination with how others respond to our most salient life moments, the continual search for identity or that tugging desire for times past.

The most interesting trends we saw at Art Basel this year range from dark portraitures and modern-day comfort foods (representing conflicted feelings over how we should look and what we should eat) to abstract neo-geometric sculptures, neon city lights and the old-school devices exclusively familiar to those who born pre-Y2K. Check out some of our favorite pieces shot by Philippe Girard (you can see the full set on his website here) below:

Welcome to Art Basel Switzerland! Click the image above to see more images of the fair.

Old school version of social media albums -- vintage photographs.

Frames yet to be filled.

Click the image above to view more dark portraitures.

Click the image above to view more gastronomical pleasures (amongst other things).

Abstracts abound. Click the image above to view gallery

It takes a lot of bulbs to light up this neon city. Click the image above to see just how many.

Life’s a chatterbox. Click the image above for more pictures of words.

There was a time before g-mail. Click the image above to take a walk down memory lane.

Don’t be a square, take a circle selfie. Click above to see more!

Juxtaposed art. Click above to see more!

Classic Warhol. Andy’s “Freight Wig” last sold for a cool $34 million. Click above to see more!

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