Trudging through rain, mud and carnival-themed circus tents lining the vast, rolling hills of the small English town of Glastonbury, Lookbooker (and major music festival frequenter and expert) Naomi Rowland of Two Shoes, One Pair gives us the 411 on the latest trends showcased during this year’s gargantuan music festival. She also shares with us the best acts, some breathtaking views of the campsites, crowds and stages – and her own looks for the multi-day music and arts extravaganza!

Naomi’s first day sunflower look!

“Hi guys - I have just got back from Glastonbury and was asked by the lovely people at to cover the festival and snap some awesome street style photos. In my opinion, there is no better festival style than what is seen at Glastonbury. It’s one of the only times you can clash up patterns, color and texture to the max, and yet look totally right! The girls going out with full-on festival chic – despite the mud and rain – was most certainly inspirational.

This year I went for fun looks experimenting with textures and layers. It’s my favorite time of year because I can go totally over-the-top with pattern, color and accessories. Never take yourself to seriously with festival looks and be confident and fun with your outfits to really fit in (don’t forget the glitter!). I started casual the first day with a playful sunflower look, styled with a long white lace kimono, and experimented with a butterfly look on another day where I wore my crochet skirt with an Indian vintage top.

From what was seen at the festival, my advice for must-haves include: a good pair of wellies, an array of bright and patterned kimonos, a decent selection of hair accessories, bindis and sunnies and of course, a rain mac/poncho.

The best acts I saw were Robert Plant, Kasabian and Dolly Parton, just to name a few! Glastonbury has been one of the best experiences of my life and it's totally overwhelming and visually beautiful. I highly recommend everyone to go at least once in there life – I will certainly be going back and even enjoyed the mud. After all, what’s Glastonbury without mud and rain!?”

Glastonbury’s epic Main Stage

A stunning nighttime shot.

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