Mayo Wo just might have the cutest bag collection we've ever seen! With pieces ranging from a basket woven elephant to a delectable chocolate bar her playful bags are proof that not everything in life needs to be taken too seriously.

"It is delightful to see how designers can be so creative in using different elements and shapes in bag designs. They add whimsy and a dash of playfulness to any outfit and can even serve as nice home decor! What I love most about them is how they make me smile even in the most ordinary of days, and how they remind me to never stop dreaming."

Moon bag by Charlotte Olympia.
Cat ear purse by Asianicandy.
Dictionary clutch by Kate Spade.
Elephant basket by Kate Spade.
Chocolate purse by Kate Spade.
Beaded rose purse by Ipa-Nima.
Watermelon clutch by Monki.
Bird purse by Azooshop.
Pug clutch by Uuendy Lau.
Black cat clutch by Romwe.
Rabbit purse by Romwe.
Studded heart purse by Romwe.

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