You’re the it-girl who knows her worth and won’t take anything less than first class treatment (or front row seating, that is). Whether you’re aiming for that slightly out-of-reach goddess persona or auditioning for the role of people’s princess with her tight-knit posse, the pressure of deciding what statement gown to debut in for Fashion Week is inescapable. We’ll help you tackle this dilemma head-on with the most inspirational looks from our most style-icon worthy members, wearing everything from Rebecca Minkoff and Monique Lhullier to Oscar de la Renta.


Count Hollywood A-lister favorite and queen of Baroque Romanticism to be amongst one of the most celebrity and socialite-studded front rows during Fashion Week – the Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry crowd are all major fans. But we think some of our Lookbookers look just as elegant – if not more – in their own lace-lined, dramatically noir Monique Lhullier gowns.

Jenny B. is ravishing in floor-length tulle lace Monique Lhullier.

Marina Skater kills it - like a blonde Angelina Jolie - in a hauntingly beautiful Monique Lhullier dress.

The everlasting panache of the Oscar de La Renta brand is undeniable. It’s extroverted, glamorous, elegant and bold. Even their PR frontwoman Erika Berman (also known as internet-famous OscarPRGirl) doesn’t shy away from expressing her own wit and personality when it comes to handling the brand’s image. She is the quintessential “Oscar girl.” Here’s a few of our own.

Ava Foo handles her Oscar de la Renta as much delicate grace as the colorful sunflowers on her dress.
It's not easy to miss the Oscar on Ella Catliff.
Even Oscar's sport-inspired gowns exude feminine sophistication and flair, worn here by Tienlyn.

Our favorite selects wouldn’t be complete without the perfect ladylike accessory – in this case, the youthful Rebecca Minkoff bag. Having debuted looks last season through all kinds of outlets, the designer is turning up the dial on social media. “We have a highly engaged digital audience, and social media is a good way to keep people energized. Each platform has its own voice,” says Uri Minkoff. Leveraging technology at the cutting edge as a fashion company of the future? Sounds right up our alley.

You can't ever go wrong with classic, white and quilted. Styling by Tina Sizonova.
Monica Sors' pastel-purple purse is perfect for the everyday kind of it-girl.

We could see Natalie Ast's Minkoff bag as versatile enough to show off during at Fashion Week and then take to a brief Hamptons retreat after.


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