All photos by Jeffrey Tang.

Furbies being auctioned off for $300, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love reigning as grunge royalty, and Mr. Belding chasing Zach Morris and Screech down the hallways – the 90’s are back baby, and there was no greater confirmation of it than at this summer’s FYF Festival street style scene.

In true pre-millennial times fashion, we made our way to LA’s premiere music festival armed with a point-and-shoot Contax T2 camera ready to capture every precious weekend moment on film. That’s right kids, film – remember those dark gelatin-coated plastic strips that we used to have to develop for photos (pre iPhone selfie camera function)?

Featuring the likes of Todd Terje, Phoenix, Mac DeMarco, Grimes, Interpol, Flying Lotus, The Blood Borthers, and The Strokes, FYF Fest took star-studded Los Angeles on one wild musical journey across multiple genres and decades (as was the case with the diverse fashion statements made at the festival). However – one decade took definite prominence. Hint: Plaid skirts, overalls, ripped denim shorts and platform shoes. It’s time to start digging up those old fan favorites, because the 90s are making a major comeback this year. See for yourself: